October Holidays 2021 around the world. celebrate and plan your holidays. wish your family and friends.

1 OctFridayPublic Holiday (October)Public HolidayBotswana
1 OctFridayNational DayPublic HolidayNigeria
Oct 01FridayChinese National DayNational HolidayHong Kong
1 OctFridayNational Day of the People’s Republic of ChinaObligatory HolidayMacau
1 OctFridayChuuk Constitution DayLocal holidayMicronesia
1 OctFridayElders’ DayObservanceMongolia
1 OctSaturdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayPalau
1 OctFridayTuvalu DayPublic HolidayTuvalu
1 OctFridayTeachers DayPublic HolidayUzubekisthan
1 OctFridayCyprus Independence DayNational holidayCyprus
2 OctSaturdayDay after PRC National DayPublic HolidayMacau
2 OctSaturdayTuvalu Day HolidayPublic HolidayTuvalu
3 OctSundayMorazan’s DayNational holidayHonduras
Oct 03SundayNational Foundation DayNational HolidaySouth Korea
3 OctSundayIraqi Independence DayNational holidayIraq
4 OctMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayLesotho
4 OctMondayPeace and Reconciliation DayPublic HolidayMozambique
4 OctMondayTerritory DayState HolidayAustralia
4 OctMondayMay DayState HolidayAustralia
4 OctMondayDay off for Tuvalu Day HolidayPublic HolidayTuvalu
4 OctMondayPeat Cutting MondayPublic HolidayFalkland Islands
4 OctMondayThanksgiving DayPublic HolidaySaint Lucia
5 OctTuesdayConstitution DayPublic HolidayVanautu
5 OctTuesdayRepublic ImplantationNational holidayPortuagal
6 OctWednesdayArmed Forces DayNational holidayEgypt
6 OctWednesdayDay of Commemoration and National MourningPublic HolidayTurkeministhan
6 OctWednesdayDemise of Prophet Muhammad and Martyrdom of Imam HassanNational holidayIran
6 OctWednesdayArmed Forces DayNational holidayEgypt
6 OctWednesdayOctober Liberation DayPublic HolidaySyria
7 OctThursdayMartyrdom of Imam RezaNational holidayIran
8 Oct
8 OctFridayBattle of AngamosNational holidayPeru
9 OctSaturdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayUganda
9 OctSaturdayIndependence of GuayaquilNational holidayEcuador
Oct 09SaturdayHangeul DayNational HolidaySouth Korea
9 OctSaturdayDay of the Valencian CommunityAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
10 OctSundayMoi DayPublic holidayKenya
10 OctSundayDay of the MaroonsPublic HolidaySuriname
10 OctSundayNational DayNational holidayTaiwan
10 OctSundayFiji DayPublic HolidayFiji
10 OctSundayParty Foundation DayPublic HolidayNorth Korea
10 OctSundayBeginning of the War of IndependenceNational holidayCuba
10 OctSundayCuraçao DayPublic HolidayCuracao
10 OctSundayPlebiscite DayState holidayaustria
11 OctMondayMoi Day observedPublic holidayKenya
11 OctMondayDay of respect for cultural diversityNational holidayargentina
Oct 11MondayThanksgiving DayNational holidayCanadian
11 OctMondayColumbus DayNational holidayChile
11 OctMondayNorfolk Island Agricultural Show DayState HolidayAustralia
11 OctMondayNational Day observedNational holidayTaiwan
11 OctMondayColumbus DayPublic HolidayAmerican samoa
11 OctMondayCommonwealth Cultural DayPublic HolidayNorthern Marian Islands
11 OctMondayLotu a TamaitiPublic Holidaysamoa
11 OctMondayColumbus DayBank/Public Sector HolidayPuerto Rico
11 OctMondayNational Heroes DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
11 OctMondayNational Heritage DayPublic HolidayTurks and Caicos Islands
11 OctMondayPuerto Rico Friendship Day (Columbus Day)Public HolidayUS Virgin Islands
11 OctMondayDay of People’s UprisingNational holidayNorth Macedonia
12 OctTuesdayIndependence DayNational holidayEquatorial Guinea
Oct 12TuesdayLady of AparecidaNational HolidayBrazil
October 12TuesdayDay of raceFestiveGuatemala
12 OctTuesdayColumbus DayNational holidayHonduras
Oct 12TuesdayMexico Day of the RacesStatutory HolidayMexico
12 OctTuesdayDay of cultural diversityBank / working holidayUruguay
12 OctTuesdayHispanic DayNational holidaySpain
13 OctWednesdayPrince Louis Rwagasore DayPublic HolidayBurundi
13 OctWednesdayAnniversary of the Death of King BhumibolNational holidayThailand
14 OctThursdayMwalimu Nyerere DayPublic HolidayTanzania
14 OctThursdayChong Yeung Festival (Festival of Ancestors)Obligatory HolidayMacau
14 OctThursdayChișinău DayLocal holidayMoldova
14 OctThursdayDefenders’ DayNational holidayUkraine
14 OctThursdaySvetitskhovlobaPublic holidayGeorgia
14 OctThursdayLiberation DayPublic HolidayYemen
Oct 15FridayDurga PujaNational HolidayBangladesh
Oct 15FridayChung Yeung FestivalNational HolidayHong Kong
15 OctFridayCommemoration Day of King’s FatherPublic Holidaycambodia
15 OctFridayCayenne FestivalCommon local holidayFrench Guiana
15 OctFridayMartyrdom of Imam Hasan al-AskariNational holidayIran
16 Oct
17 OctSundayDessalines DayNational/legal holidayHaiti
18 OctMondayColumbus DayNational holidayColombia
18 OctMondayNational Heroes’ DayPublic HolidayJamaica
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayAlgeria
19 OctTuesdayMaouloudPublic HolidayBenin
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayBurkina Faso
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayCameroon
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayChad
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayComoros
19 OctTuesdayMilad un Nabi (Mawlid)Public HolidayDjibouti
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayEritrea
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayGambia
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayEthiopia
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet Muhammad’s BirthdayNational holidayMorocco
19 OctTuesdayId el MauludPublic HolidayNigeria
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidaySyria
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidaySudan
19 OctTuesdayMaulidPublic HolidayTanzania
19 OctTuesdayYouman-Nabi (Mawlid)Public HolidayGuyana
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet Muhammad’s BirthdayPublic HolidayIndonesia
19 OctTuesdayHari Maulad NabiState HolidayAustralia
Oct 19TuesdayMaulud NabiNational HolidayBangladesh
19 OctTuesdayProphet Mohamed’s BirthdayNational holidayEgypt
19 OctTuesdayMilad un Nabi (Mawlid)Public HolidayBrunei
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayFiji
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet Muhammad’s BirthdayFederal Public Holidaymalaysia
19 OctTuesdayMilad un Nabi (Mawlid)Public HolidayMaldives
19 OctTuesdayMilad-Un-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday)Public HolidaySri Lanka
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayAfghansithan
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayNational holiday19 Oct, 2021,
19 OctTuesdayProphet Mohamed’s BirthdayNational holidayEgypt
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayNational holidayIraq
19 OctTuesdayProphet’s BirthdayNational holidayJordan
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayOfficial holidayKuwait
19 OctTuesdayThe Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayLebanon
19 OctTuesdayEid Milad un-NabiPublic HolidayPakisthan
20 OctWednesdayThe Day After Prophet’s BirthdayPublic HolidayCôte d’Ivoire
20 OctWednesdayMashujaa DayPublic holidayKenya
October 20Wednesday1944 revolutionNational holidayGuatemala
20 OctWednesdayBouk Ok PansaPublic HolidayLaos
20 OctWednesdayVap Full Moon Poya DayPublic HolidaySri Lanka
21 OctThursdayPresident Ndadaye’s DayPublic HolidayBurundi
21 OctThursdayArmy DayNational holidayHonduras
21 OctThursdayBoat Racing FestivalPublic HolidayLaos
21 OctThursdaySaint Ursula’s DayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
22 OctFridayHawke’s Bay Anniversary DayLocal holidayNew Zealand
23 OctSaturdayChulalongkorn DayNational holidayThailand
23 OctSaturday1956 Revolution Memorial DayNational holidayHungary
23 OctSaturdayDay of the Macedonian Revolutionary StruggleNational holidayNorth Macedonia
24 OctSundayUnited Nations DayPublic HolidayMicronesia
24 OctMondayUnited Nations DayPublic HolidayPalau
24 OctSundayBirthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam SadeqNational holidayIran
25 OctMondayLabour DayNational holidayNew Zealand
25 OctMondayUnited Nations Day observedPublic HolidayMicronesia
25 OctMondayChulalongkorn Day observedNational holidayThailand
25 OctMondayThanksgivingPublic HolidayGrenada
25 OctMondayOctober Bank HolidayNational holidayIreland
26 OctTuesdayGospel DayPublic Holidaycook island
26 OctTuesdayAngam DayPublic HolidayNauru
26 OctTuesdayNational DayNational holidayaustria
27 OctWednesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidaySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
28 OctThursdayOchi DayNational holidayCyprus
28 OctThursdayThe Ochi dayDe facto holidayGreece
Oct 29FridayCivil Servants DayGovernment HolidayBrazil
29 OctFridayRepublic DayNational holidayTurkey
29 OctFridayKing’s Coronation DayPublic Holidaycambodia
29 OctFridayCapital City DayObservanceMongolia
30 Oct
31 OctSundayReformation DayNational holidayChile
31 OctSundayReformation DayNational holidaySlovenia
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