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Can’t you part with things? Then you should you the May 17 as a US day of Pat Rack Day – rare: National Pack Rat Day ) record. The following lines of the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world report what this is all about. There has to order. But this also includes being able to dispose of things. It doesn’t have to end up in the garbage can. 😉

Who started Pat Rack Day?

As with so many other curious holidays and action days from the United States, it is unfortunately also true in the case of Pat Rack Day that its exact origins are apparently completely in the dark. In the course of researching for the present article, I was, unfortunately, unable to find out who started this day of the collectors, since when it has been celebrated and whether it can also be found in the framework calendars of other countries.

Accordingly, there is no real justification for the choice of date. Content reference to a possible today also committed in the US Day of Walnut (National Walnut Day) or the World Hypertension Day (World Hypertension Day) or the World Baking Day (World Day of baking), I think but rather unlikely. In my opinion, the following entries from the framework calendar of the curious holidays are more appropriate in terms of content:

  • the flush your desk-to-day (National Clean Off Your Desk Day) always on the second Monday in January,
  • the Schaff-order-in-your-home-day (Organize Your Home Day) on January 14,
  • the flush your bedroom to-day (Clean Up Your Room Day) on May 10,
  • the flush your desktop on tag (National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day) on October 20, or
  • the concealed Your Refrigerator Day (Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day) on 15 November.
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Pack Rat Day images

Goals and intention: What is the Pack Rat Day all about?

In this regard, one should not make the mistake of interpreting the day of the collector mad as a misguided glorification of the messie syndrome. If I understand correctly the statements made about today’s curious holiday, it is more about becoming aware of your own consumer behavior or admitting that you may not need all the things that you have accumulated in your own four walls over time Has.

In this respect, this day of action fits thematically well into May and you can use today’s date wonderfully to part with some unnecessary stuff or at least to bring some order to the accumulated stuff. 😉

In this sense: Have a Great Pack Rat Day and productive day for all of you collectors.

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