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International Parent-Child Alienation Day will be celebrated on April 25, 2021 to raise awareness of this phenomenon. The day was introduced in 2006 and has been celebrated annually since then. The day of action was initiated by the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization (PAAO) in Canada, but has now seen global participation. Parent-child alienation (EKE) or parental alienation syndrome describes a concept in developmental psychology. This leads to a permanent and, according to rational standards, unfounded rejection of a separated parent by the child.

The EKE phenomenon was first named and described in 1985 by the US university professor and child psychiatrist Richard A. Gardner. Gardner distinguishes three levels of EKE: a weak, a medium and a severe. Mild alienation is when the child is able to admit, in the presence of both parents, that it would like to have contact with the other parent. In intermediate alienation, the child denies affection for the other parent in the presence of the alienating parent, as opposed to the absence of the alienated parent. Severe alienation is when the child completely refuses to interact with the alienated parent and speaks poorly of them.

EKE can cause considerable psychological damage to the child. Sometimes psychologists also speak of a form of child abuse or emotional child abuse. The child has already lost one parent due to the separation and is afraid of losing the parent who is raising and caring for it. This thought is fatal for a child: it has little choice but to turn to the caring parent and – especially if they ask – to uncompromisingly reject the other parent. The day of parent-child alienation is intended to draw attention to these circumstances and to provide information about them in order to protect children who have separated out from such situations. (With material from: Wikipedia)

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