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Peter Pan Day: Peter Pan is the main character in some of the children’s stories by James Matthew Barrie and is the only child there who will never grow up. Peter Pan lives in “Neverland”, a fictional island. He is the leader of the “lost boys,” a group of boys. Pan’s opponent is the pirate leader, Captain Hook.

In Barrie’s story, Peter is accompanied by the little flying fairy “Bell” and one night he meets the girl Wendy Darling on a trip to London. He takes Wendy and her brothers John and Michael with him to Neverland, where Wendy plays a mother role for Peter and the lost boys. All together go on a series of adventures. But eventually the Darling children feel homesick and miss their parents, so Peter brings them back. The Darlings also adopt the lost boys.

Sir James Matthew “JM” Barrie, Baronet was a Scottish novelist and playwright. Peter Pan is his most famous literary figure. Peter Pan embodies the innocence and carelessness of childhood, the lust for imaginary and often violent adventures, without concern or understanding for real dangers and real suffering. While all other children leave this world of experience and grow up at some point, Peter Pan does not grow up and never changes. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is the Peter Pan Day?


When is the Peter Pan Day?

Sunday May 9, 2021

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