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Since 2002, the United States celebrates the last Thursday in April traditionally considered their national Poem in Your Pocket Day ( PIYP Day ). This special day dedicated to poetry, poetry and poetry embodies one of the highlights of the US National Poetry Month. Reason enough, this lyrical action, of 2021 to April 29 falls, a separate entry in the calendar of the curious public holidays from around the world to buy and to tell his story below. Why does the last Thursday in April celebrate poetry in your pocket?

Who started the poem in Your Pocket Day? A poetic day of action starts in New York

If you take a closer look at the background to the genesis of the Poem in your Pocket Day, you will find with some astonishment that this poetic day of action was celebrated for the first time in 2002. Specifically, it was launched in 2002 by the Big Apple’s Mayor’s Office in collaboration with the New York City Departments of Cultural Affairs and Education as part of the city’s celebrations to mark April’s National Poetry Month.

In 2008, the Academy of American Poets took up the basic idea of ​​the day of action and declared Poem in your Pocket Day an (unofficial) national holiday. So what is it all about? In principle, the name is also the program, because today everyone is called upon to carry a poem with them – preferably in their pocket – in order to share it with others (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). Incidentally, a similar approach is the celebrated also in the US Day of pillows poetry (English. Poem on Your Pillow Day) on the first Tuesday in May.

Goals and Intention: What is US One Poem in your Pocket Day about?

According to the initiators of the day of action, it is completely irrelevant whether this is a self-written work or the work of another poet. It is only important that the date is used to pass on a lyric work in everyday life. Because throughout the entire cultural history of mankind, poems and lyric poetry in various forms and formats were taken in people’s pockets to other people or passed on. After UNSECO World Poetry Day on March 21, so another great day for the art of poetry.

In addition to the symbolic act, which can be performed by each individual, there are of course a whole series of public events, readings and events in schools, libraries, bookstores and parks all around the country on the subject of poetry. They all have one thing in common: PIYP Day should appeal to everyone and encourage them to discover their own poetic streak or to use it today.

In this sense: a great poem to all of you in Your Pocket Day.

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