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The Red Rose Day is celebrated on June 12, 2021. The day can be celebrated by giving away red roses to loved ones. The roses are the eponymous plant genus of the rose family. The genus includes between 100 and 250 species, depending on the view. The roses are deciduous, rarely evergreen shrubs.

Red Rose Day

Red roses! They represent a feeling that we must all know: love. From the first romantic infatuation over the sky-storming passion to the deep, calm bond. Red roses are ambassadors for all of these emotions. No wonder that a day has been dedicated to them. Of course, this one comes from the USA. But you don’t know who started it and why. But maybe he or she just wanted to create a memorial to love. No matter.

The rose itself has always been a symbol of fertility. Red roses, on the other hand, are ambassadors of love par excellence. And so, perhaps on a rather unfamiliar date, you can – quite surprisingly – give a small declaration of love or a gesture of tenderness.

Red Rose Day Wishes - National Red Rose Day in the USA - wishesdb
Red Rose Day Wishes – National Red Rose Day in the USA

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