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The April 26 to celebrate the US as nationwide Engl. Remember Your First Kiss Day – sometimes, but rarely also: National Remember Your First Kiss Day. A clear case for the romantics and nostalgics among you. This article explains why this special day for romantic memories deserves a permanent place in the calendar of curious holidays from around the world . Do you remember?

Time for some romantic nostalgia or why you never forget the first kiss

It is said that you never forget the first kiss and that two people are forever mentally connected. In this respect, it also seems clear why this kiss is most talked about, thought about and written about, but still it always has a very individual moment. For the first kiss is always an integral part of each individual biography (see also the contribution to the International Day of the kiss (Engl. International Kissing Day) on July 6).

Now you don’t have to apodictically limit today’s remember-your-first-kiss-day to the first kiss, couples can also use today’s curious holiday to remember their first kiss together. Because Remember Your First Kiss Day wants to remind us of exactly this event.

Who started Remember Your First Kiss Day?

You do not know exactly. Because unfortunately also in the case of Remember Your First Kiss Day, its background is rather in the dark. It is not known who started it, since when our transatlantic neighbors are celebrating this date and why they decided on April 26th today.

If there is a substantive connection directly here to also committed today Embrace-an Australian Day (Engl. Hug on Australian Day), the Embrace-A-Friend Day (Engl. Hug a Friend Day), the day the Richter scale (English National Richter Scale Day) or the day of the pretzel (English National Pretzel Day), I could not find out in the course of the research. At least the first two occasions mentioned would fit in terms of content.

With this in mind: I hope you all have some great memories of your first kiss.

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