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Girls also love to go to bed after reading a message for a sweet goodnight. But it is known that men are not as romantic as women, which is why we have collected tons of good night messages for her to help you make a dedication to your woman. Sweet night love said in this way will be a very pleasant surprise for your other half who will surely appreciate the romantic goodnight received.

Good night love quotes for my love – the sweetest and most romantic dedications

1. “As you drift away in peaceful sleep, may the thoughts of how loved you are melt all your love worries.”

2. “May the moon hypnotize you tonight by reflecting my powerful love for you because you are the girl of my dreams.”

3. “Finally the night has come and it’s time when I’m lying in bed, missing you and only praying for your sweet dreams. Good night beautiful.”

4. “That big old moon outside your window is shining for us, baby. Sleep well.”

5. “When you see the brightness of the moon and all the stars, remember that my love for you surpasses them all, my little one.”

6. “Oh baby, you are my fantasy by day and my dream by night. Sleep well knowing I’m thinking of you.”

7. “I don’t even need to dream anymore. My dreams came true the day I first laid eyes on you. Now I sleep just to make the hours go by quickly until we can be together again. Always and forever, baby.”

8. “Good night, sweet girl. I’ll dream of you until morning.”

9. “Princess, your love is as fascinating as a deluge of moonlight flowing across the peaceful night sky and as intoxicating as a field of flowers in a starry sky.”

10. “It happened again. I love you today even more than yesterday. Sleep tight, baby, and know that tomorrow I’ll love you even more.”

11. “Keep my heart safe tonight while you sleep, sweet girl. I belong to you forever.”

12. “How was I so lucky? Having a woman who makes my reality even more incredible than my dreams. You’re one in a million, baby. Good night.”

13. “My dear, we are far away, but heart to heart. You know how much I love you while you fall asleep.”

14. “Curl up under warm, soft blankets and sleep in quiet, sweet love.”

15. “Sweet dreams, baby. You have already fulfilled all my dreams.”

16. “I wish you a strong and quiet night like a lighthouse and a sleep that sways in soft waves, my lovely girl.”

Good night messages for her that touches the heart

17. “Of all the things I am grateful for in this life, you are number one. Good night to the love of my life.”

18. “How hypnotic are the starry skies due to the knowledge that you are beneath them too. I love you and I send the sweetest of dreams, my princess.”

19. “Your mesmerizing smile is all I need to see before I fall asleep, baby.”

20. “May the golden glow of the moon bathe your sleep in quiet dreams tonight my love.”

21. “In your dreams tonight, honey, I hope we’ll dance to the rhythm of the most romantic music under the stars that hang just for us.”

22. “One of the things I like most about sleeping is that when I wake up, I know there is a sweet message from you. Goodnight little girl!”

23. “Imagining you asleep under the moon makes my heart quiver and swoon. Sleep tight, sweet love.”

24. “As you fall asleep, baby, pamper yourself deeply in the warm affection I am sending you.”

25. “Baby, may the luminescence of the moon slip into your window tonight reminding you that the same moon lights up my bed too. No matter how far apart we are, our hearts are always together.”

26. “One day is over again. It’s nice to have someone like you who makes every day so beautiful. Thank you my love and may all the angels protect you tonight! Good night my sweet lady.”

27. “Imagine my sweet goodnight kisses floating through your window and landing on your cheeks as you fall asleep, beautiful girl.”

28. “An extraordinary woman like you deserves a good night’s sleep. Goodnight My Love.”

29. “I will be your moonlight in the night and you will be my sun in the morning. Rest well in the light of my love, my lovely lady.”

Good night messages for her long distance relationship

1. “A star travels through time and space, a wonderful dream in its tail. This dream is mine for you, let it tell you I love you.”

2. “As the sun shines,

I want to love you my darling.

As the moon shines,

I always wish you a good night.”

3. “Count sheep when you can’t sleep.

Count all the days that we know each other.

Every day and every sheep gives you a kiss for me

and gently rocks you to sleep.”

4. “Good night! Sleep well until tomorrow and forget all your worries. I think of you and dream of you, because then you are very close to me! I love you.”

5. “I find it hard not to fall asleep next to you. But the feeling that I will see you again in a dream calms me down. I wish you a wonderful night and look forward to hearing from you tomorrow after waking up.”

6. “I lie in bed and don’t fall asleep, can’t close my eyes, how can that be? I am wide awake and think of you, and hope my message does not wake you. Sleep well.”

7. “If a dream comes sailing, gently out of the cloud, snuggles up to you, sleep well, good night.”

8. “My love for you is as endless as the sky, as wide as the stars, as dense as the darkness of the night and as clear as the moonlight. Always remember and sleep well my darling.”

9. “Tonight you won’t be alone Put your head on your pillow, it’s filled with 1000 kisses. Cuddle up and I’ll be with you.”

10. “You are an angel on earth, I am so glad that I have you.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again soon.

But until then I have to be patient and wish you a good night.

Sleep well, hopefully we’ll meet in a dream”

Good night messages for her funny

1. “A cute little cuddly tiger looks over at you very nicely. I brought it for you today, so he will always take care of you. Now sleep well, you are guarded – I wish you a good night.”

2. “You are old when you no longer sleep with your teeth together.”

3. “The moon shines extra brightly, the sandman flies super fast, because it has to remember to give you the most beautiful dream as a present!”

4. “Anyone who goes to bed late and has to get out early knows where the word dawn comes from.”

5. “I’m so fast that when I flipped the light switch in the hotel room last night, I was in bed before the lights were off.”

6. “I’m tired, go to rest, turn off Netflix, close the curtains. The sweater I wear is yours. You knew this was how it should be. Good night!”

7. “You are lying in your bed and I am in my bed, it would be much nicer in a duet. You could then cuddle together and whisper about others.”

Good night message for her to fall in love

1. “I didn’t even know that angels / superheroes also need sleep😇”

2. “Just thought of yourself and I wish you a nice night🙃”

3. “I’m curious to hear what you’ve dreamed of tomorrow. We can then interpret it together and make hypotheses🤓”

4. “Not wishing you a good night is like Nutella without butter ☹️. I’m missing something!”

5. “Since we started writing, I don’t need a relaxation podcast at all. It’s enough for me to think of you before I go to sleep😉”

6. “Me and my body want to sleep. But my head wants to know if giraffes can 🦒yawn 🤔? Good night🤪”

7. “Sweet Dreams! Best of me😜”

8. “Wouldn’t it be great to choose a shared dream that both of them experience at the same time? Always wanted to go to the Bahamas and hereby invite you! Welcome drink 🍹included😉”

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