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Friendship is one of the most beautiful and important treasures that we can find in our lifetime, but not always it is a friend to the end. The problem is that certain things always end up discovering them a little late.

Unfortunately, it happens sooner or later to be disappointed or wronged by a person we trusted and considered a friend . Fortunately, this is not always the case.

Below we have selected the most beautiful Sad Friendship Quotes that show us the risks and dangers that lurk in those people we considered friends. Here they are!

Best Friend Quotes: The 101 Most Beautiful

sad friendship quotes that make you cry

1. “Keep away from your enemies, and beware of your friends. ” – Sirach

2. “In need, the friend is recognized.”

3. “Friends are just as dangerous as enemies. ” – Thomas De Quincey

4. “Nobody can be known except by friendship.” – Augustine Hippo

5. “A life without friends is like a strawberry pie without strawberries.” – Andrea Sargeni

6. “Friendship is nothing but a name.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

7. “Save water, take a shower with a friend. ” – Mae West

8. “The world without friends would be much darker. ” – Ada Ferrante

9. “A friendship that ended was never sincere.” – San Girolamo

10. “It takes your enemy and your friend together to hit you in the heart: the first to slander you, the second to tell you.” – Mark Twain

11. “You have to love your friends as if one day you have to hate each other.” – Biante

12. “Friendship comes in the mail better than love. ” – Alphonse Karr

13. “A friend who is with you in moments of despair is more precious than a hundred of those who are with you in pleasure.” – Edward G. Bulwer

14. “A half friend is half a traitor.” – Victor Hugo

15. “Too often we take time away from our friends to dedicate it to our enemies.” – Hermann Hesse

16. “Each shows what he is, by the friends he has. ” – Gustave Flaubert

17. “We all need friends sometimes. ” – Oscar Wilde

18. “True friends are rare because the demand is minimal.” – Marie Von Ebner Eschenbach

19. “The poor usually cultivate friendships that do them nothing.” – Martial

20. “No one has ever chosen for friends those who are in misery. ” – Lucano

21. “To find a friend, you have to turn a blind eye; not to lose it, both of you.” – Norman Douglas

22. “After all, you don’t have friends, you only have accomplices. And when the complicity ends, the friendship disappears.” – Pierre Reverdy

23. “Many will be friends with you as long as you are happy, but when the bad weather comes, you will be alone.” – Publius Ovid Naso

24. “Who dies without taking at least one kick received as a gift from some friend to their grave?” – William Shakespeare

25. “In happy times friends multiply, but if luck disappears, they disappear.” – Binder

26. “My friend: the enemy of my enemy.” – Valeriu Butulescu

27. “True friendship is a plant that grows slowly and must go through the trauma of adversity for it to be called such.” – George Washington

28. “Anyone who has a true friend can say they have two souls. ” – Arturo Graf

29. “It is easier to defend against an enemy than a friend.” – James Cole

30. “It is much better to have declared enemies than hidden friends.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

31. “The duties of friendship admit only one exception: that of not confiding one’s faults to one’s friend, which, if it were possible, should not even be confided to oneself.” – Baltasar Gracián

32. “True friends recognize themselves in misfortunes. ” – Aesop

33. “Friendship: the tacit agreement between two enemies that they want to work together for a common booty.” – Elbert Hubbard

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34. “I already feel the pain of separation from a friend that I have not yet seen. ” – Tagore

35. “The more you flee amistanze, the more you enjoy friendship. ” – Niccolò Tommaseo

36. “Friendship, like the global flood, is a phenomenon that everyone talks about, but that no one has ever seen with their own eyes.” – Enrique Jardiel Poncela

37. “There are no friends: there are moments of friendship.” – Jules Renard

38. “Honor your friends. ” – Solon

39. “The friend cannot be recognized in prosperity, but in adversity the enemy will not hide. When one thrives, his enemies are in pain; but when one is unhappy, even the friend is separated from him.” – Sirach

40. “Friendship is one more torment.” – Søren Kierkegaard

41. “The friend is the one who even far away knows that you are alone and extends his hand to you.” – Ada Roggio

42. “Nothing is so harsh than one who turns out to be a false friend. ” – Ada Ferrante

43. “It is in the character of few men to honor without envy a successful friend.” – Aeschylus

44. “Treat your friend as if he could become an enemy.” – Publilius Syrus

45. “With a true friend you can be silent. He will understand. ” – Ada Ferrante

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1. “Friendship is the balm of life.” – Voltaire

2. “Behave alike with lucky and unlucky friends. ” – Periandro

3. “There can be no bad mood where friends sing.” – Martin Luther

4. “The worst loneliness is being without a sincere friendship. ” – Francis Bacon

5. “Everyone wants to have a friend, nobody cares about being a friend. ” – Alphonse Karr

6. “Whoever deprives it of respect deprives friendship of its finest ornament.” – 

7. “Bad luck shows us who are not true friends.” – Aristotle

8. “Friendship is a plant that must be able to overcome drought.” – Joseph Joubert

9. “No one has ever chosen for friends those who are in misery.” – Marco Anneo Lucano

10. “Often in a friend we look for nothing more than an ear. ” – Gesualdo Bufalino

11. “If you don’t want to let an enemy know your secret, don’t tell a friend. ” – Benjamin Franklin

12. “Worthy of friendship are those who have within themselves the reason to be loved. ” – Guide

13. “Between two friends there is only one who is a friend of the other.” – Alphonse Karr

14. “The friend certainly recognizes himself in the dangers. ” – Guide

15. “Don’t tell your friend what your enemy doesn’t need to know.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

16. “Nothing relieves our suffering like that of our friends. ” – Roberto Gervaso

17. “A friend is one who harms you completely selflessly.” – Wieslaw Brudzinski

18. “Friendship is the best ladder to perfection. ” – Aelredo Di Rievaulx

19. “Do you say that friends in need are rare? In reverse! As soon as she has become friends with someone, she is immediately in need and would like to borrow money.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

20. “Generous friendship: this title includes them all in itself. ” – Niccolò Tommaseo

21. “When a friend asks there is no word tomorrow. ” – George Herbert

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sad friendship quotes for whatsapp status

1. “Everyone says they are friends, but crazy who trusts them; nothing is more common than the name, nothing rarer than the thing.” – Jean de La Fontaine

2. “A friend you thought sincere is scarier than a wild beast; a wild beast can hurt your body, but a false friend hurts you in the soul. ” – Buddha

3. “Friends with everyone, and faithful with no one. ” – Giovanni Verga

4. “Friendships are buried more often than friends.” – Mary Karadja

5. “The most difficult friendship to keep is with oneself. ” – Anselmo Bucci

6. “Affliction is the true refinement of friendship, and true friends recognize themselves in adversity.” – François Des Rues

7. “Friendships made out of opportunism will be appreciated as long as they are useful. ” – Seneca

8. “The wine of friendship, when it is genuine, goes to the head. ” – Jules Renard

9. “Man’s true friend is himself.” – Giovanni Gaggino

10. “The necessary condition for a great friendship is the ability to be able to do without it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

11. “Take care of your friend as well as yourself.” – Leviticus

12. “In friendship as in love, we are often happier for things we don’t know than for things we know” – François de La Rochefoucauld

13. “You recognize the true friend by how he lies to you. ” – Alessandro Morandotti

14. “Friendship is the wine of life.” – Edward Young

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