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short wedding quotes: To be invited to a wedding is an honor for every invited guest. After all, the wedding couple only wants to have their loved ones with them on the most beautiful and greatest day of their lives. Of course, it is then also the requirement of each guest to be able to hand over a special card that is different from the other cards. Finding a suitable saying here is not always easy, however. Many sayings are already out of date, worn or simply do not apply to the wedding couple. The most important thing, however, is that the words match the newlyweds and, above all, come from the heart!

45 Short Wedding Quotes

1. “Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.” – Hermann Hesse

2. “Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life has achieved everything that can be achieved.”

Short Wedding Quotes - Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life- wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life

3. “Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins!”

Short Wedding Quotes - Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins- wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins

4. “Anyone who gets through the stress of the wedding together and still wants to get married can do anything!”

5. “He says yes, she says yes. All right … married couple!”

Short Wedding Quotes - He says yes, she says yes. - wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – He says yes, she says yes.

6. “Love is the beauty of the soul.” – Augustine Aurelius

7. “Getting married means listening to your pounding heart and ignoring what your head is saying.”

8. “Getting married – when the heart leaps out of the chest with excitement, the father is reluctant to let go of his daughter’s hand and the greatest happiness is a few meters away.”

9. “What does the mind ask for to get married? The answer is love, says the heart.”

10. “All the lost nerves have paid off when we can look to the future together with confidence.”

11. “To love means to conquer yourself in the other.” – Friedrich Hebbel

12. “It also takes a lot of courage to take this step. But this courage is rewarded with persistence.”

13. “It is not the lack of love but the lack of friendship that makes the most unhappy marriages.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

14. “To truly bond to one another and not want to let go anymore, that is true love.”

15. “Getting married is the most beautiful declaration of love in a world where the supposedly better option is just a click away.”

16. “Love is the fabric that nature has woven and the imagination has embroidered.” – Voltaire

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17. “To be able to love and be loved with all your heart is true happiness.”

18. “The magic of a newly wed couple makes the withered flowers bloom again.”

19. “Listening, holding and hoping – that’s all a good marriage needs.”

Short Wedding Quotes - that's all a good marriage needs. - wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – that’s all a good marriage needs.

20. “You have chosen between hundreds of options for love and happiness together.”

21. “Love is the poetry of the senses.” – Honoré de Balzac

22. “To marry you is the greatest gift on earth.”

23. “Being married means more than just having the same last name. It is a written contract to get through every difficult time together.”

24. “In love, silence is often more important than speaking.” – Blaise Pascal

25. “Only self-imposed rules restrict – keep your freedom together.”

26. “A true man fulfills this dream for his wife, even if it is not his own.”

27. “Grandma said: The other parking lot might be closer to the shop, but the gap might be too small.”

28. “Marriage is a science.” – Honoré de Balzac

29. “Nobody can be sure. Wish it with all my heart, but yes.”

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30. “Every loved one is the center of a paradise.” – Novalis

Short Wedding Quotes - Every loved one is the center of a paradise. - wishesdb

31. “Despite rough edges, together a whole.”

32. “Love has no age, it is constantly being reborn.” – Blaise Pascal

33. “The sum of our lives are the hours we loved.” – Wilhelm Busch

34. “We finally don’t have to worry about your future anymore. Hopefully she can take it with you!”

35. “Love does not change with the hour or with the week, its power extends far to the last day.” – William Shakespeare

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36. “Love is seeing someone for who they are.”

37. “There is no stronger bond than that of two people who marry with love in their hearts.”

38. “With this day a new phase begins in your life together. Use every day!”

39. “Wedding: a fairy tale for the naive …”

40. “Love, respect and patience is the secret recipe for a happy marriage.”

41. “A real marriage is only possible if you have thought of divorce at least once.”

42. “To marry means that both of you can be sure that you will not find a better one.”

43. “Love often also means making sacrifices.”

44. “How lucky it is to be able to marry the love of your life!”

45. “Love is God’s most beautiful gift to us.”

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Short Wedding Quotes: Classic wedding sayings

Let’s start right away with the classic wedding sayings. These are congratulations on the wedding of the bride and groom and here too we would like to help you find the right words. 🙂

1. “I wish you a great party, a healthy marriage and a whole life full of love! Your yours …”

2. “Saying yes is the most important step towards a common future. I congratulate you both on the wedding!”

3. “Your love is something very special, always stays that way! All the best.”

4. “Congratulations my friends! I wish you marital happiness, health and joy. Your …”

5. “You are the most beautiful wedding couple and you will be an excellent bride and groom. Love one another forever as you do today!”

6. “We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you a wonderful married life!”

7. “Today is your first wedding anniversary, there are still many waiting for you – make the most of it!”

8. “We wish you love, health and understanding on the common path of life. Congratulations!”

9. “Our dear ones, we congratulate you on your marriage and wish you a happy life! Your …”

10. “Dear bride and groom, hold on to each other in good and bad times. We congratulate you!”

Short Wedding Quotes Romantic

Since most of the people think that the most beautiful wedding sayings are the romantic ones, we decided to move on with those.

1. “You always collect the best memories in pairs. ” –  Luise Rinser

2. “The most precious thing about love is trusting one another. ” –  Julius Grosse

3. “A drop of love is more than an ocean of mind. ” –  Blaise Pascal

4. “True loyalty and true love are shown not through words, but through actions. ” –  Heinrich von Kleist

5. “Love lives on amiable little things. ” –  Theodor Fontane

6. “Voluntary dependence is the most beautiful state, and how could it be without love? ” –  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

7. “To experience the full value of love, we need someone to share it with. ” –  Mark Twain

8. “Love is the poetry of the senses. ” –  Honoré de Balzac

9. “False love fears marriage. She is looking for real love. ” –  Peter Rosegger

10. “To love a person means to consent to grow old with him. ” –  Albert Camus

11. “Love is above all listening in silence. ” –  Antoine de Saint

12. “Happiness is not a gift from the gods, but the fruit of an attitude. ” –  Erich Fromm

13. “Where one heart strives for another, there is always a miracle. ” –  Ernst Wiechert

14. “Love is blind, marriage is clairvoyant. ” –  From Sweden

15. “There is room in the smallest hut for a happily loving couple. ” –  Friedrich von Schiller

16. “We are all angels with one wing. We have to hug each other if we want to fly. ” –  Luciano De Crescenzo

17. “Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and thereby becoming rich oneself. ” –  Clemens Brentano

18. “Love is when the eyes meet in the heart. ” –  Musa Ceylan

19. “In a good marriage, the “YOU” is of greater importance to everyone than the “I” and the “WE” is the purpose of all action. ” –  unknown

20. “A cheerful married couple is the best that love can achieve. ” –  Thomas Niederreuther

21. “You are somebody to the world, but you are the world to somebody. ” –  Erich Fried

22. “Everything that is viewed with love is actually beautiful. ”” –  Christian Morgenstern

23. “A single person only lives halfway. ” –  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

24. “When two lovers are united, difficulties are not an obstacle. ” –  Alfred de Musset

25. “We are words individually, together a poem. ” –  Georg Bydlinkski

26. “The sum of our lives are the hours in which we loved. ” –  Wilhelm Busch

27. “Love is the bond that connects the world. ” – Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

28. “There is no tighter bond of friendship than common plans and wishes. ” –  Cicero

29. “​​To love a person means to see him as God intended him to be. ” –  Fyodor Dostoevsky

30. “Where one feels most, one knows least what to say. ” –  Anette von Droste

31. “There is room in the smallest hut for a happily loving couple. ” –  Friedrich Schiller

32. “Getting married is not the happy ending, it is always just a beginning. ” –  Frederico Fellini

33. “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. ” –  Buddha

34. “He who loves lives where he loves, not where he lives. ” –  Augustine Aurelius

35. “Married couples should leave cracks and joints open in their marriage so that the winds of heaven can reach them. ” –  Khalil Gibran

36. “The more broken the world outside, the more healing it has to be at home. ” –  Reinhard Mey

37. “A good marriage is based on a talent for friendship. ” –  Friedrich Nietzsche

38. “A wedding is a landing that looks like a takeoff. ” –  Paul Hubschmid

39. “Only in turning to you does the ego gain its support. ” –  Martin Buber

40. “It’s only since I’ve been in love that life is beautiful. ” –  Theodor Körner

41. “Marriage is and will remain the most important journey of discovery a person can embark on. ” –  Soeren Kierkegaard

42. “Love is not a solo. Love is a duet. If it disappears in one, the song falls silent. ” –  Adelbert von Chamisso

43. “I looked for you and found myself. ” –  Franz Grillparzer

44. “When two swear eternal loyalty to each other, then one knows that they will belong together forever. ” –  unknown

45. “Relationships that can hold us are rooted in the freedom to let go of one another. ” –  Ernst Ferstl

46. “Marriage is a structure that has to be rebuilt every day. ” –  Andre Maurois

47. “Everyone meets the person of his life once, but only a few recognize him in time. ” –  Gina Kaus

48. “To love means to conquer yourself in the other. ” –  Friedrich Hebbel

49. “The greatest miracle is love. ” –  August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben

50. “Everyone sees a piece of the world, together we see the whole. ” –  unknown

51. “Every loved one is the center of a paradise. ” –  Novalis

52. “Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it. ” –  Ricarda Yikes

53. “The first thing in love is the sense of one another and the most important thing is belief in one another. ” –  Friedrich Schlegel

54. “The first thing in love is the sense of one another, and the highest thing is faith in one another. ” –  Friedrich Schlegel

55. “Soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than violence. ” –  Hermann Hesse

56. “Love is the shared joy in mutual imperfection. ” –  Ludwig Börne

57. “The innermost essence of love is surrender. ” –  Edith Stein

58. “Love lives on amiable little things. ” –  Theodor Fontane

59. “Man lives not so much from the love he receives as from the love he gives. ” –  Mother Teresa

60. “Once love has germinated, it puts down roots that never stop growing. ” –  Antoine de Saint

61. “Where one sows love, joy grows up. ” –  William Shakespeare

62. “Love is not about looking at one another, but about looking together in the same direction. ” –  Antoine de Saint

63. “Without discord, without suffering, full of happiness and full of sunshine, this is the engagement time. May the marital status be like that too! ” –  Newer folk good

64. “A wedding is an event; a marriage is an achievement. ” –  unknown

65. “Love is the strongest power in the world, and yet it is the most humble force imaginable. ” –  Mahatma Gandhi

Funny Short Wedding Quotes

Funny wedding Quotes go down very well. Just imagine, in a sea of ​​greeting cards with romantic texts, the future bride and groom finds a funny wedding saying – it will definitely make them laugh.

And we just remember things that made us laugh. 🙂

1. “Marriage is a port in a storm, but often a storm in the port. ” –  Jean Antoine Petit

2. “Marriage is the world’s most costly method of realizing one’s mistakes.” – 

3. “Quite a few relationships begin with wine and song and end with milk and roar. ” –  unknown

4. “Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the handlebars, the passengers and the road are problematic. ” –  Franz Kafka

5. “Marriage is when you still love. ” –  unknown

6. “Love is a great disease ” –  two people always have to go to bed 

7. “Women simplify our pain, double our joy, and triple our expenses. ” –  James Saunders

8. “Marriages are made in heaven ” –  that is why some people fall from the clouds afterwards. 

9. “One only believes in rheumatism and love when one is afflicted with it. ” –  Marie von Ebner

10. “If Sleeping Beauty had known that waking up would end with marriage, she would probably still be asleep. ” –  unknown

11. “Marriage is short for Latin “errare humanum est” (to err is human). ” –  Robert Lembke

12. “In marriage you sometimes have to quarrel with each other, that’s the only way to learn about each other. ” –  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

13. “Marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling. ” –  unknown

14. “Marriage is only harmonious when it consists of two better halves. ” –  unknown

15. “A good marriage would be that between a blind woman and a deaf man. ” –  Montaigne

16. “Most engagements end happily. Few lead to marriage. ” –  unknown

17. “Properly married a man who understands every word his wife has not said. ” –  Alfred Hitchcock

18. “Love: the light of life, in marriage comes the electricity bill. ” –  unknown

19. “Love is simply turning the toothpaste off with a smile instead of throwing it after you. ” –  unknown

20. “Love is a festival ” –  it not only has to be prepared but also celebrated. 

21. “You can do anything you want with a woman in love. ” –  Gustav Klimt

22. “Marriage is like fractions: what matters most is the common denominator. ” –  Luise Ullrich

23. “Marriage is a lottery in which men risk their freedom and women risk their luck.” – 

24. “The marriage certificate is a driver’s license that is obtained before the driving test. ” –  Wolfram Weidner

25. “Love makes the strangest things. Some even get married! ” –  unknown

26. “Marriage is an attempt to be at least half as happy as a couple as one was alone. ” –  Oscar Wilde

27. “If loyalty is fun, it’s love ” –  Julie Andrews

28. “To marry is to cut one’s rights in half and double one’s duties. ” –  Arthur Schopenhauer

29. “One man alone is not even good in paradise. ” –  Italian proverb

30. “A kiss is the best way to shut up together. ” –  unknown

31. “Marriage is heaven and hell. ” –  German proverb

32. “The man is lyrical, the woman epic, the marriage dramatic. ” –  Novalis

33. “The Church knows why she protects her priests from marriage. ” –  unknown

34. “From a distance, marriage looks extraordinarily simple. ” –  Hans Fallada

35. “Whoever enjoys his life will soon be confronted by his wife. ” –  Henrik Ibsen

36. “The basis of a good marriage is not unreserved openness, but wise restraint.” – 

37. “When making a declaration of love, a woman can hear twice as fast as a man can speak.” – 

38. “True love is when you’re 80, slapping each other on the buttocks. No matter where it hangs!” – 

39. “Love is like the number pi ” –  natural, irrational and very, very important.

40. “​​Marriage is the public avowal of a strictly private intention.” – 

41. “No one is so crazy that he cannot find someone crazier who understands him.” – 

42. “If the chemistry is right, the reaction is right too.” – 

43. “Some people do not find their hearts until they lose their heads. ” –  Friedrich Nietzsche

44. “You are only loved where you are allowed to show yourself weak without provoking strength. ” –  Theodor W. Adorno

45. “A good marriage is when both are wearing their pants. A very good marriage is when neither of you has pants on.” – 

46. “You don’t know what happiness is until you’ve got married. ” –  And then it’s too late. 

47. “It is the goal of every woman to make the man what he claimed to be before the wedding. ” –  unknown

48. “You can’t dance at all weddings, but one should be attended. ” –  Paul Schibler

49. “Love is the only way that even the stupid can reach a certain size. ” –  Honoré de Balzac

50. “When two people realize that they can no longer be good friends, they get married. ” –  Maurice Dekobra

Short Wedding Quotes Biblical

When you think about beautiful wedding sayings, biblical verses spring to mind. They are not only beautiful and loving, but also inspirational and stimulate thought.

1. “Throw all worries on Him; because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5: 7

2. “Let us love one another; for love is from God.” John 4,7

3. “Love never stops.” 1 Corinthians 13: 8a

4. “Promote one another, each with the gift that God has given him.” Peter 4:10

5. “Sow righteousness and reap according to the measure of love.” Hosea 10:12

6. “This is the day that the Lord made; we want to cheer and be happy about him.” Psalm 118:24

7. “With my God I can jump over walls.” Psalm 18.30

8. “My house and I want to serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:25

9. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will want nothing.” Psalm 23: 4

10. “For where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Matthew 6:21

11. “Let your heart rejoice, and let no one take your joy from you.” John 16:22 b

12. “Everything you do should be determined by love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

13. “I have found the one my soul loves.” Song of Songs 3, 4

14. “Let your heart live forever.” Psalm 22: 27c

15. “I am with you and I want to protect you wherever you move.” 1. Book of Moses 28:15

16. “I want to bless you and you should be a blessing.” Moses 12: 2

17. “I pray that your love will still be richer in insight and understanding.” Philippians 1.9

18. “See, I am with you every day until the end of the world.” Matthew 28:20

19. “Praise the Lord, my soul, and do not forget what good He has done you.” Psalm 103: 2

20. “Let everything happen to you in love!” 1 Corinthians 16:14

We hope that you have found the right words for the future bride and groom in this post.

Your wedding wishes and a short wedding saying mean a lot to the bride and groom. That is why you should always let your heart speak and write these words on the greeting card. 🙂

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