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short wedding quotes: To be invited to a wedding is an honor for every invited guest. After all, the wedding couple only wants to have their loved ones with them on the most beautiful and greatest day of their lives. Of course, it is then also the requirement of each guest to be able to hand over a special card that is different from the other cards. Finding a suitable saying here is not always easy, however. Many sayings are already out of date, worn or simply do not apply to the wedding couple. The most important thing, however, is that the words match the newlyweds and, above all, come from the heart!

45 Short Wedding Quotes

1. “Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.” – Hermann Hesse

2. “Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life has achieved everything that can be achieved.”

Short Wedding Quotes - Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life- wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – Whoever is allowed to marry the love of his life

3. “Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins!”

Short Wedding Quotes - Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins- wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – Freedom does not end with marriage, it only really begins

4. “Anyone who gets through the stress of the wedding together and still wants to get married can do anything!”

5. “He says yes, she says yes. All right … married couple!”

Short Wedding Quotes - He says yes, she says yes. - wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – He says yes, she says yes.

6. “Love is the beauty of the soul.” – Augustine Aurelius

7. “Getting married means listening to your pounding heart and ignoring what your head is saying.”

8. “Getting married – when the heart leaps out of the chest with excitement, the father is reluctant to let go of his daughter’s hand and the greatest happiness is a few meters away.”

9. “What does the mind ask for to get married? The answer is love, says the heart.”

10. “All the lost nerves have paid off when we can look to the future together with confidence.”

11. “To love means to conquer yourself in the other.” – Friedrich Hebbel

12. “It also takes a lot of courage to take this step. But this courage is rewarded with persistence.”

13. “It is not the lack of love but the lack of friendship that makes the most unhappy marriages.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

14. “To truly bond to one another and not want to let go anymore, that is true love.”

15. “Getting married is the most beautiful declaration of love in a world where the supposedly better option is just a click away.”

16. “Love is the fabric that nature has woven and the imagination has embroidered.” – Voltaire

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17. “To be able to love and be loved with all your heart is true happiness.”

18. “The magic of a newly wed couple makes the withered flowers bloom again.”

19. “Listening, holding and hoping – that’s all a good marriage needs.”

Short Wedding Quotes - that's all a good marriage needs. - wishesdb
Short Wedding Quotes – that’s all a good marriage needs.

20. “You have chosen between hundreds of options for love and happiness together.”

21. “Love is the poetry of the senses.” – HonorĂ© de Balzac

22. “To marry you is the greatest gift on earth.”

23. “Being married means more than just having the same last name. It is a written contract to get through every difficult time together.”

24. “In love, silence is often more important than speaking.” – Blaise Pascal

25. “Only self-imposed rules restrict – keep your freedom together.”

26. “A true man fulfills this dream for his wife, even if it is not his own.”

27. “Grandma said: The other parking lot might be closer to the shop, but the gap might be too small.”

28. “Marriage is a science.” – HonorĂ© de Balzac

29. “Nobody can be sure. Wish it with all my heart, but yes.”

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30. “Every loved one is the center of a paradise.” – Novalis

Short Wedding Quotes - Every loved one is the center of a paradise. - wishesdb

31. “Despite rough edges, together a whole.”

32. “Love has no age, it is constantly being reborn.” – Blaise Pascal

33. “The sum of our lives are the hours we loved.” – Wilhelm Busch

34. “We finally don’t have to worry about your future anymore. Hopefully she can take it with you!”

35. “Love does not change with the hour or with the week, its power extends far to the last day.” – William Shakespeare

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36. “Love is seeing someone for who they are.”

37. “There is no stronger bond than that of two people who marry with love in their hearts.”

38. “With this day a new phase begins in your life together. Use every day!”

39. “Wedding: a fairy tale for the naive …”

40. “Love, respect and patience is the secret recipe for a happy marriage.”

41. “A real marriage is only possible if you have thought of divorce at least once.”

42. “To marry means that both of you can be sure that you will not find a better one.”

43. “Love often also means making sacrifices.”

44. “How lucky it is to be able to marry the love of your life!”

45. “Love is God’s most beautiful gift to us.”

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