You love each other, you quarrel and you get annoyed: Siblings are something very special and deserve to know. Here come the most beautiful siblings quotes for brother & sister!

It’s such a thing with siblings: You know each other from an early age in every imaginable situation. There is hardly anyone who is as close to you and knows as much about you as your own sister and brother. Sibling love is a relationship for life. And of course things are not always harmonious and smooth. Because as much as they love each other, siblings are often competitors for life. Sisters in particular can sometimes have a very complex relationship with one another – and yet be closer than they think …

However, only children are not to be envied, because we would miss our siblings very much. Unlike friends and partners, siblings are forever. We do not choose them, but they are given to us by our parents, so to speak, when they are born. Speaking of partners: did you know that the sibling constellation even influences our choice of partner? It is therefore not surprising that numerous smart and funny sibling sayings are dedicated to this unique relationship.

Siblings Quotes for a wild relationship

No matter how complicated the relationships between siblings and within the family can be, blood is known to be thicker than water. So it’s no wonder that there are beautiful sayings and quotes about siblings that put the very special relationship between siblings into words. Because you can tell your sister or brother how special they are to you. By the way, you don’t have to wait for the birthday to arrive: Dear words can also (or especially) bring great joy in everyday life and without any reason.

If the words are hard to come out of the lips, then it may be easier to write, for example with one of our sibling sayings. Now there is no longer an excuse: We are guaranteed to find a suitable saying for you!

So put an end to quarrels and scuffles – love each other, be close and tell yourself how important the other is to you. Because siblings are great!

Here you will find the most beautiful siblings quotes:

For the brother or sister, funny or poetic, for a birthday or simply to say “Thank you for being here” to the best sibling in the world … Our sibling sayings help you to find the right words.

1. “Siblings are never alone. You always have the other in your heart!”

2. “Because I have a brother, I have a good friend forever!”

3. “If I could choose the best sister in the world, I would choose you!”

4. “My sister has the best sister!”

5. “Siblings are forged from the same iron, but still different. Sometimes an unequal couple, but a loving couple. Linked together forever, one forever.”

6. “We are siblings. Always remember: if you fall, I’ll help – when I’ve stopped laughing.”

7. “A sister is a piece of childhood that lasts forever.”

8. “Life would be sadder and sadder without the love and loyalty of siblings.”

9. “A brother and a sister, the world knows nothing more beautiful. No bond in life holds tighter when one holds on to the other.”

10. “I smile every day because I can be your sister and I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.”

11. “A sister is more than a lifelong friend, because she gives joy and love into eternity.”

12. “Because of you, I laugh louder, I cry less and I smile more.”

13. “A brother is a friend that nature has given you.”

14. “On nice days I can recharge my batteries from you, even if we as sisters sometimes quarrel!”

15. “A brother, a sister, the world knows nothing more loyal. No gold chain holds tighter than one holds on to the other.”

16. “Change friendships. Lovers too. Siblings stay forever!”

17. “If there is no girlfriend to be seen far and wide, your sister will be behind you”

18. “My brother may not always be by my side, but always in my heart.”

19. “A brother, a sister, nothing more faithful knows the world. No gold chain holds tighter than one holds on to the other.” -Paul Heyse

20. “You are just the best, although I never say it.” -Finestwords editorial

21. “A little sibling time is good for the soul.”

22. “Because I have a brother, I have a good friend forever.”

“I don’t need a superhero, I have a big brother.”

“Siblings are there for one another. Arguing and forgiving, giving and taking, helping, comforting, laughing and crying. They hold together. Side by side.”

“Siblings are the only people you are constantly upset about, but who you still love infinitely.”

“A brother is like a shoulder.”

“what would you do without a soulmate”

“Nobody is alone … unless you are an only child”

“Temporary friendship, siblings for eternity”

“my brother is a great man who can do just as much as others.
my brother is a real hero because he does what he likes in the world.”

“A sister seldom comes alone. neither is a brother. but enough”

“When siblings get together, they always do it twice”

“The purpose of life is shown in the unconditional love of the siblings.”

“The brother is the sister’s better half.”

“Brothers are interesting creatures. younger or older they are just wonderful.”

“I like brothers, they are less complicated.”

“A brother is better than two sisters.”

“Siblings are there to make you laugh and live.”

“Anyone who can laugh with their brother has not yet completely forgotten how to do it.”

“Life without a sibling is only half a life.”

“Love and friendship are the same with siblings.”

“When the love of two siblings grows, it always grows forever.”

“The sisterly love is the mysterious form of love on earth. it is unfathomable, binding, and always forgiving.”

“sometimes i curse, sometimes i laugh, wish away, i never want my brother.”

“Having a brother does have its advantages. there are only disadvantages to being a sister.”

“Brother and sister like ying and yang.”

“Life as a sibling is funny, fun and just wonderful.”

“it’s easier to live as a sibling.”

“What one sibling does not learn, the other sibling never learns anymore.”

“A sibling rarely comes alone.”

“Siblings can suck twice as much as either of them.”

“Sibling love is magical and special. honor them.”

“Sometimes i see nothing else in my brother than just another strange citizen of our earth race.”

“Siblings are duplicates of different ages.”

“What one brother knows, the other doesn’t have to know for a long time. with real brothers, yes.”

“Brotherhood is more than friendship.”

“When brothers are friends, there can’t be anything bigger.”

“Those who can call their brother their friend can consider themselves lucky.”

“A true bond between brothers always shows in times of cohesion.”

“Anyone who has a brother always has a scapegoat.”

“Once fraternized, always fraternized.”

“As a sister you have a lot of burdens. which is rewarded with the brother’s smile.”

“Having a little sister is different from having a little brother.”

“The big brother is different from the big sister. one should think so.”

“Siblings are more than just blood relationships.”

“Whoever has a sister has a great treasure. he’s sure to be taken care of so that no villain nibble on the little sister.”

“A brother is a gift from heaven, it dangles between your legs, the drawing of the p …”

“Everyone has a place in my heart, but my brother has two and three places.”

“If you have more than one brother, it is damn hard.”

“Brothers are bruised. sisters bald.”

“If you have a brother, you have your first child.”

“brothers are cool. sisters too.”

“i like my brothers. but only for me alone.”

“my brother comes from another planet.
i still like him.
take me in my arms,
keep him warm.
because i like my brother,
but he comes from another planet.”

“if you can laugh together, then life really starts.
when you can have fun together, fraternity really begins.”

“brother, sister, it doesn’t matter.
better together and two.”

“my brother is a pretty cool pig. i let him believe that he is more convinced of himself than those around him. ouch!”

“my brother is my dearest asset.
that is why i am gripped with the greatest anger.
when he brings me to the lawn,
which unfortunately happens very often and very quickly.”

“my life without my brotherhood
is not so worth living and without sunshine.”

“As a sister you have great worries,
think of your brother’s well-being and tomorrow.
but the brother is no longer so small
and stumbles on his own leg because of his life.”

“Being proud of one’s brother is worth more than anything else in the world.”

“The brother is the mirror of one’s own soul.”

“Does the brother go next to you in life. then one is protected by a great blessing.”

“In life the little sibling is always the same, no matter if big or small.”

“Siblings are people who forgive each other even without talking to one another.”

“Brothers are very special people. sisters too.”

“In the sign of love. fraternize friends.”

“The brotherhood is the strongest bond of bond”

“With siblings, friendship is defined by the thickness of the blood.”

“True siblings stand together. true siblings allow each other to be themselves.”

“Whoever loves his brother loves himself.”

“The most fun is with the brother.”

“A brother is a brother is a brother is a brother.”

“A sister is a sister is a sister is a sister”

“When the brother crows in the morning,
the sister understands the world.”

“The most beautiful being of siblings is being together.”

“I like my siblings. you yours too”

“Siblings can meet again after years as if nothing had happened.”

“when brother and sister shake hands, time can go on forever.”

“to take your brother in your arms, your sister would give anything for that.”

“Closing your sister in his arms cannot spoil a day in your brother’s life.”

“A brother is like a second me. only better.

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