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Sunday Quotes for Instagram: Sunday, that faithful companion of workers, has a lot of history behind him. Sunday is the seventh day of the civil week and the first day of the liturgical week in the Christian tradition, among others. Its name derives from the Latin dies Dominica (“Lord’s day”) in honor of the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, which is why it is a day of rest for almost everyone.

However, Sunday is accompanied by a lot of laziness and discomfort for others, because it marks the end of a great weekend of celebration or rest and indicates that a new and heavy week is coming. Do you want to say goodbye to the weekend with a little humor and share a few Sunday Quotes for Instagram on Sunday on your social networks? We help you!

sunday quotes for instagram post

1. “Colors are the smiles of nature.A smile is a curve that sets everything straight..”

2. “If I can’t go out, find a place to play at home”

3. “Hi, Sunday you beautiful, where are you?”

4. “This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water but you can’t see how deep it is”

5. “Everything worthwhile takes a long time and a lot of work to accomplish. Don’t get tired, your dreams are valid!”

6. “Stay Together Tea + Bun = Heaven”

7. “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in reverence for the Creator.”

8. “Allow yourself to live in the best way”

9. “My favorite color is sunset”

10. “I enjoy playing alone and meeting good people.”

11. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”

12. “Most of us have far more value than we ever dreamed we possessed. ”📸 Hit it.”

sunday quotes for instagram caption

1. “Sunday work never made anyone rich.”

2. “Surround yourself with people who make you feel like Sunday in your pajamas.”

3. “The boredom of Sunday afternoon, which prompted De Quincey to drink laudanum, also generated surrealism: propitious hours for making bombs.”

4. “Can we hate Sunday evenings too? … so we get on with Monday morning hatred.”

5. “God is not a plumber. On Sundays – he is always available …”

6. “According to a recent study, gravitational force is about nine times higher than normal on Sundays on your sofa.”

7. “Sunday is beautiful because you can do what you love most. A beloved cock”

8. “Since it’s Sunday, I use the right not to wake up.”

9. “The human being is that animal who is sad on Sunday evening when he is at home and is happy on Friday morning when he is in the office.”

10. “Every Sunday you win or lose. It remains to be seen whether you win or lose as men.”

senior sunday quotes for instagram

1. “If you go to the beach on Sunday, years of training at Risiko are not enough to gain adequate space for the towel.”

2. “I am a man and for me Sunday is anything but football. Doctor am I serious?”

3. “There is a moment, on Sunday afternoon, when you go from still having pajamas to already having pajamas.”

4. “Going to a shopping center on Sunday you can witness the shipwreck of humanity.”

5. “On Sundays we are made of the same substance as the desire not to do shit.”

6. “I understand that the clergy are in favor of Sunday rest: it is Sunday that these gentlemen work the most.”

7. “The best thing about Sunday is having nothing to do. The worst is to do nothing.”

8. “Sunday is boring because it is Sunday for the whole world.”

9. “On Sundays I set the alarm all the same. I do it just for the sake of not getting out of bed and seeing her suffer.”

10. “If you want the whole world to come knocking on your door, try taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon.”

11. “On Mondays you justify yourself with the work you do. But what excuse do you have on Sunday? Horrid Sunday, enemy of humanity!”

12. “If the good Lord rested on Sunday instead of going to Ikea there will be a reason.”

13. “I also tried to go for a run on Sunday morning. I went from bed to bathroom, then went back to sleep I was too tired.”

14. “How many go to church on Sunday just because the pastry shop is right in front or on the side?”

15. “Character is formed on Sunday when evening comes.”

16. “For six days he worked and on the seventh he rested. Don’t be outdone… Happy Sunday!”

17. “Sunday is the day when it is proposed to work on Sunday as well.”

18. “Sunday is for eating late, sleeping all day, and complaining that tomorrow is Monday.”

19. “On Mondays you justify yourself with the work you do. But what excuse do you have on Sunday? Horrid Sunday, enemy of humanity!”

20. “Those who celebrate every day do not wait for Sunday.”

sunday morning quotes for instagram

1. “Good morning. Since it’s Sunday, I use the right not to wake up.”

2. “If they put you on stand-by You answer game over! Have a nice Sunday.”

3. “In order not to lose the charm of life, we must walk in the direction of our dreams. Good morning and happy Sunday.”

4. “Sunday we will be together, five, six hours, too little to talk, enough to keep quiet, to hold hands, to look each other in the eye.”

5. “Saturday is a festive dog running in the park. On Sundays a cat curled up in the window.”

6. “Good morning and happy Sunday. With a smile and the desire to always believe in it.”

7. “Saturday is for adventure. Sunday is for cuddles”

8. “Sunday. A day to re-energize your body and be grateful for life. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your family, friends and a cup of coffee.”

9. “The best way to make a dream come true is to wake up Good morning and happy Sunday.”

10. “A coffee, a kiss, a good morning, a smile, a love. A Sunday with you. A dream.”

best sunday quotes for instagram

1. “Those born on Sunday do not like to work.”

2. “Those born on Sunday have seven fortunes.”

3. “Every Sunday has vespers and every year has New Year’s Eve.”

4. “Rain on Friday, beautiful Sunday.”

5. “If it rains on Friday, it rains on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.”

6. “If it rains for Palm Sunday, it also rains for Easter.”

7. “God doesn’t pay every Saturday, but Sunday is on par with everyone.”

8. “On Palm Sunday all daughters go to mothers; on Wonder Sunday all mothers and daughters.”

9. “Sunday is always Sunday.”

10. “On Sunday the Lord also rested.”

11. “There is no Saturday without the sun, no woman without love, no Sunday without flavor.”

12. “Those who celebrate every day do not wait for Sunday.”

13. “Sunday work never made anyone rich.”

14. “It’s not always Sunday.”

cute sunday quotes for instagram

1. “Some evenings are all about the treat.”

2. “If there is something that allowed me to be alone, it was to grow up and realize that it is the faithful company of my moods”

3. “I don’t know why but sunset makes me feel so peaceful”

4. “Lazy Sunday evening…?”

5. “The key to keeping the body healthy is only one.. that is not to get sick!”

6. “My eyes will always want to see the sunset from here”

7. “In the sea life is tastier”

8. “R U ready to chill?”

9. “Nothing can tear us apart when we are together.”

10. “It’s a very very very Lazy Hump Day!”

11. “And if you should chase for something, let it be your dreams or a beautiful sunset.”

12. “Behind dreams there are always efforts that people do not see”

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