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Where is Techie Day 2020?


When is Techie Day 2020?

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Techie Day is on October 3rd, 2020 and honors technology specialists. Sooner or later there will come a time in the technical world when everyone needs a well-trained technician to deal with problems with everyday devices. It’s a day of appreciation for this particular profession, launched in 1999 by and CNET Networks.

In addition, the Techie Day serves to inspire schoolchildren and students for a career in the technical branch. Anyone who happens to use the services of a technician on Techie Day could give an extra good tip. Otherwise, if the laptop only shows a blue screen, the router does not work or the smartphone keeps crashing, everyone understands pretty quickly how important technicians are. Techie day is the day to tell them.

Techies day images

Techie Day Images - prosthetic limbs - wishes db
Techie Day Images - Robert - wishes db
Techie Day Images -motherboard- wishes db
Techie Day Images - vr - wishes db
Techie Day Images - Drone Camera - wishes db
Techie Day Images - Camera Parts - wishes db
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