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Twins Baby Wishes – congratulations on your twins. The arrival of two (or more) twins is a happy event that few are lucky enough to be able to experience.

With two twins everything doubles: double work, double happiness and double wishes for the birth!

So here is a collection of the most beautiful Quotes of wishes for the birth of twins to dedicate wholeheartedly to parents and newcomers. Discover them now!

Twins Baby Wishes – congratulations on your twins

1. “One will laugh, the other will cry. One will be wet, the other will be dry. One will scream, the other will sleep. But these memories will become your most precious treasure. Congratulations!”

2. “Between your husband and your twins, you now have 6 arms ready to hug you. Congratulations!”

3. “The bond between twins is something unique, you have given them the greatest fortune.”

4. “Life has given you twins because only you would have been able to raise them with enough love. Congratulations!”

5. “Welcome to the newcomers! Joy doubles for you, but also for us. So double wishes, but beware: we are also expecting a double party!”

6. “Best wishes for your large family!”

7. “What sustains the clay pedestal of the world is the pure breath of your children. – Chinese proverb”

8. “Double congratulations and double happiness for all of you!”

9. “Double joys. Double tears. Double happiness. Best wishes!”

10. “For nine months they have been at the center of your thoughts, today you can finally embrace them! Double congratulations from all of us.”

11. “Double expenses and double satisfaction! Best wishes.”

12. “There is nothing more beautiful than a baby … let alone two!”

13. “Many will say that you have two new reasons to smile, but in reality you have at least a million. Congratulations!”

14. “Families with children and families without children pity each other.” – EW Howe

15. “Today you certainly have more than one reason to celebrate… Congratulations!”

16. “You will need to change two diapers instead of one. But you will have four arms to hug you instead of two. Congratulations!”

17. “All those who conquer joy will have to share it. Happiness was born a twin.” – George Gordon Byron

18. “Look on the bright side: you won’t have to spend on two separate birthday parties. Congratulations!”

19. “Forget all happy memories of the past. Nobody will be able to match the joys that these two little angels will give you. Best wishes!”

20. “The first commandment of parenting: always be consistent.” – Marcelene Cox

21. “There are two things in life that we are never really prepared for: twins.” – Josh Billings

22. “Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the “get 2 pay 1″ offer!”

23. “With twins, thoughts double, but so do smiles and laughter. Best wishes from the heart!”

24. “Get ready… because they will definitely team up!”

25. “My sincere congratulations on your twins! And thanks for not giving us the trouble of having to remember two birthdays!”

26. “Lucky people like you always get more than they want. Congratulations on the arrival of these two sweet little creatures!”

27. “Having twins means parents will never be able to argue over who should hold the baby. Congratulations!”

28. “The stork was in a good mood when she came to you. Congratulations on the birth of these two beautiful little angels!”

29. “Once you had time. You now have twins. Many heartfelt wishes!”

30. “If you have twins it means you have more love to give than you thought you had. Congratulations!”

31. “Not double trouble, but double luck. Congratulations!”

32. “A single soul divided into two splendid bodies.”

33. “Love them, feed them, discipline them and set them free. Thus you will have a good relationship throughout your life.” – Marry GL Davis

34. “You can be sure they will never suffer from loneliness. Best wishes!”

35. “You are a double feast for the eyes!”

36. “You have already given him the most precious gift of all: a friendship for life.”

37. “Many greetings to the “doubly” parents. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure and enjoy this exciting moment!”

38. “Best wishes for this happy event. Our hearts are doubly filled with joy!”

39. “The arrival of twins is like facing a beautiful storm… it will turn your life upside down but you will come out happy and with many precious memories. Congratulations!”

40. “God gave you twins because your intense motherly love was too vast to be absorbed by a single adorable baby. Congratulations!”

41. “Happy birthday to the two most beautiful and brightest stars in the universe!”

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