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Underground American Day: The American avant-garde architect Malcolm Wells (1926 – 2009) has a vision according to which mankind would do much better to live underground in the future. Accordingly, he called in 1974 to 14 May for Underground American Day (Underground day in the US from). Reason enough to trace his idea in more detail in the calendar of curious public holidays from all over the world and to tell the story of this event with the following lines. What is this day of action about?

Malcolm Wells – A Vision of Life Underground

Malcolm Wells, who is often referred to as the father of earth houses, was no nut, but above all and primarily an architect and environmental activist with a whole lot of humor. He lived and worked in a self-designed earth house in Cap Cod and was – in addition to his work as an architect – author, illustrator, columnist and consultant on solar issues.

Accordingly, his offices on Cuthbert Boulevard and Park Boulevard – both earth houses – in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, primarily dealt with topics such as aesthetics, landscape protection and the use of sustainable materials in the construction of buildings. His path into architecture began in 1953, and after 10 years he came to the conclusion that the surface of the earth was made for living plants and not for human development.

This was the start of his earth house projects, to which he devoted his entire work from now on. Malcolm Wells ended his active career as an architect in June 2004 and continued his commitment to life underground – especially on the Internet – until his death on November 27, 2009.

American Underground Day

As mentioned at the beginning, Malcolm Wells was above all a man with a fine and witty sense of humor. And so it is not surprising that, with a view to the day of the American underground that he proclaimed, he remarked:

“On May 14th each year dog reds of millions of people all across this great country will do absolutely nothing about the national holiday I declared in 1974, and that’s just the way it Should be.” ( Source: website of Malcolm Wells – see the List of further links below)

Wells does not see this day of action as an obligation, but gives a number of practical tips and suggestions on how the Underground American Day can be celebrated appropriately and with fun:

  • Dig a big hole, put your house in it and fill the hole back up.
  • Think about moles.
  • Sends some earth in the mail.
  • Do not go to work, but use the time to cover your house roofs with earth.
  • Touches a cellar wall.
  • Eat radishes, because they also grow underground.
  • Imagine a company that works in a way that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources.
  • Dig a tunnel or open a mine or mine in your garden or backyard.
  • Ride the subway with friends. Because that too is underground.
  • Bury a treasure in the ground.
  • Lie on the floor to overhear a conversation in China.
  • Disappear in a cave for eleven days and be reported missing. But remember that – if you are found – you definitely have Happy Underground America Day! should say when greeting the rescue team.
  • Starts Malcolm Wells look-alike competitions.
  • Take a flight through the Grand Canyon.
  • Build an underground shopping center with everything that goes with it. Above all, enough parking space for visitors. 😉
  • Look into an elevator shaft. But only down.
  • Hold a parade under the main street.
  • And as a final tip: Draw up plans for an earth house, but don’t build it – yet.

Very great suggestions, with the earth mail thing and the cave still being our favorites. And for those of you who can’t do anything with it, May 14th with the Day of Hiking in Germany, the American Day of the Duck Dance (National Chicken Dance Day) or the Day of the Buttermilk Biscuits (National Buttermilk Biscuit Day) or the day of the yellow roses in South Korea (Yellow Day – korean. 로즈 데이) a whole range of calendar alternatives.

In this sense, the work and thinking of Malcolm Wells should also be honored with a “Happy Underground America Day!”.

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