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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends and Relatives: The wedding anniversary is a very special day in a couple’s life, regardless of the number of years that are celebrated.

Honoring the memory of the wedding, the days spent together and the future ones, is also very important for the couple’s friends and relatives because it is the ideal opportunity to show the affection you have towards them.

Below is a collection of greetings phrases for the wedding anniversary to dedicate to friends, parents and relatives who celebrate such a special day. Discover them now!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends and Relatives

1. “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I wish you to continue walking the paths of life hand in hand and heart in heart. Happy Anniversary!”

2. “Happy Anniversary! May you continue to love and honor each other for many years to come. Best wishes!”

3. “Through the best and most difficult moments, you have stood the test of time, growing year after year and growing closer and closer. Happy Anniversary!”

4. “For some people, a perfect marriage is a myth, a legend, a fable, or a false hope. But to me, it’s a real thing that exists between you two. Happy Anniversary!”

5. “The perfect marriage doesn’t exist, but you two are the closest to it. Happy Anniversary!”

6. “May your love always keep you united and happy throughout the years as well as today. Happy Anniversary.”

7. “I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of love and happiness. May your love continue to blossom and grow as the days go by. Happy Anniversary!”

8. “Today, as […] years ago, we are happy to celebrate your splendid union. Happy anniversary lovebirds! Your friends …”

9. “You have shown that yours is a true love that continues to grow as time goes by. I wish you to continue like this indefinitely. Happy Anniversary!”

10. “You have stood the test of time, growing from year to year. May your lives continue to be filled with love, laughter and happiness. Happy wedding anniversary!”

11. “You are two people made for each other and nothing is more important. Best wishes for your wedding anniversary!”

12. “Never forget the good fortune you have had to meet. I wish you to continue loving each other as you have done until now. Happy Anniversary!”

13. “You are a source of inspiration for everyone around you. May your love continue to grow more every day. Happy Anniversary!”

14. “My sincere wishes for another year of mutual love and affection. With envy, happy anniversary!”

15. “The distance that separates us does not allow us to be present at the party for your wedding anniversary, but we will certainly be close to you in the heart. Our warmest congratulations and endless good wishes.”

16. “As you celebrate another year of love and happiness, remember that you are also a beacon of light and hope for others. Never let go of the beautiful love that binds you to each other. Happy Anniversary!”

17. “I wish you to stay like this forever. Happy wedding anniversary!”

18. “Guys, make a wedding look easy too. Heartfelt congratulations and happy anniversary!”

19. “May your life together be happier and happier. Happy Anniversary wishes.”

20. “Our wish is that your first wedding year has brought you the secret to building eternal happiness.”

21. “Dear mum and dad, we embrace you with affection on this holiday of yours, which is also a little bit ours, and we thank you for the wonderful family you have built over the years.”

22. “Your marriage stands the test of time and each year you are stronger and happier than before. Happy wedding anniversary!”

23. “We are happy to remember with you the beautiful day […] years ago, which happily united you in marriage. Best wishes!”

24. “An anniversary is the right occasion to celebrate the memories of yesterday, the happiness of today and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy wedding anniversary!”

25. “A wish that your anniversary will be the perpetual renewal of a sweet promise.”

26. “The most beautiful gesture in the life of two people is still knowing how to hold hands after many years and knowing how to smile together. Just like you do. Happy wedding anniversary!”

27. “Destiny has brought you together but love has united you in an indissoluble bond. On this special day I wish you a future full of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary!”

28. “Be proud of such a long love. Happy Anniversary!”

29. “Love is the key that opens the gates of happiness.”

30. “With the hope that the Love and Happiness that have accompanied you until today will be ever greater.”

31. “Congratulations on another year together. You are an example to us all. Happy wedding anniversary!”

32. “The energy and love you emanate is an example for those around you. Happy Anniversary wishes.”

33. “On this happy anniversary, we participate with great affection.”

34. “A thought for you on the occasion of this wedding […] anniversary, with the wish that the happiness you are living together will never diminish.”

35. “The beauty of your wedding is a dream come true and a clear example that fairy tales can come true. Happy Anniversary!”

36. “Seeing you still so united and close-knit, after all this time, is beautiful: your love and your passion are contagious. Best wishes!”

37. “But aren’t you tired yet? Naughty traditionalists!”

38. “Looking at you makes me anxious because it raises my expectations of finding my perfect match. How did you do?! Happy Anniversary!”

39. “Your strong union has always been an example for all of us. Happy Anniversary.”

40. “Happy Anniversary! It is truly amazing to see that you are still so deeply in love after all these years. I wish you countless more happy anniversaries!”

41. “It is amazing to see that you are still so deeply in love after so many years. I wish you many more happy anniversaries like this one. Happy wedding anniversary!”

42. “We celebrate your wedding anniversary with you, with the hope that the happiness you are experiencing will never end!”

43. “Finding a love that continues to grow over time is one of the greatest blessings. I wish you to continue to love each other like this forever. Happy Anniversary!”

44. “Some weddings are a cocktail of emotions, feelings and experiences. Yours is 100% love. Happy Anniversary!”

45. “Seeing you dressed elegantly on your wedding day really moved me. Seeing that you still love each other with passion after so many years makes me even happier. Happy Anniversary!”

46. “May your journey together be still long, full of joy and serenity. Best wishes.”

47. “With each passing year you show us that true love exists. Happy Anniversary!”

48. “We express to you our most affectionate congratulations on the anniversary of your wedding, and we are close to you in the joy of the journey made together.”

49. “For the wedding […] anniversary, we send our heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife, with the best wishes for many years of happy life together.”

50. “As your friend, I have never wanted anything other than your happiness. And seeing the love in your eyes after all this time being married makes me really happy. Happy wedding anniversary!”

51. “We celebrate your wedding […] anniversary with you, with the hope that the happiness you are experiencing will never end.”

52. “Over time, even the strongest elements erode, but nothing can scratch your love. Happy Anniversary!”

53. “An anniversary is the repetition of promises made to one another as love grows stronger. Best wishes!”

54. “Wrinkles on the face are not a sign of aging, but of how beautifully your marriage has survived the passage of time. Happy Anniversary!”

55. “Your splendid union arouses infinite admiration in us. Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.”

56. “Love at first sight is as reliable as a diagnosis at the first handshake.”

57. “Two roots intertwined and became one plant. Happy anniversary from your …”

58. “With each passing year, you show us that marriage is forever… What is your secret ?! Happy Anniversary!”

59. “The fact that you don’t behave like the perfect husband and wife makes your marriage perfect. Happy Anniversary!”

60. “If you want to be loved, love.”

61. “May the joy of this day be not only a “yesterday” to remember, but a “today” still and always to be lived.”

62. “Everyone can fall in love, but not everyone manages to stay in love for long. You are a special couple. Happy Anniversary!”

63. “Our wish is that this time together has brought you the secret to building eternal happiness. Happy Anniversary!”

64. “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

65. “To a happy couple, remembering their best day. Happy Anniversary.”

66. “Love is two people dancing in the kitchen.”

67. “When love beckons to you, follow it, though its roads are rough and steep.”

68. “To love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction.”

69. “May the sun of happiness always come out of the clouds of misunderstanding and form a rainbow of love in your timeless marriage. Happy Anniversary!”

70. “True love never ends, but it grows stronger and stronger. It is clear that yours is like that. Happy Anniversary!”

71. “True love is like ghosts: everyone talks about them, but very few have seen them.”

10 religious phrases for wedding anniversary

If faith is a constant in your life and you have celebrated your wedding with a religious rite, you can draw from a vast repertoire of phrases taken from sacred texts or spoken by prominent people in the world of faith:

1. “Man cannot live without love. He remains for himself an incomprehensible being, his life is meaningless, if love is not revealed to him, if he does not meet love, if he does not experience it and does it himself, if he does not participate in it. warmly.” – Pope John Paul II

2. “Love is not something that can be taught, but it is the most important thing to learn.” – Pope John Paul II

3. “Marriage is like a plant, it needs to be taken care of, and it’s not like a wardrobe that has to sit there to gather dust.” – Pope francesco

4. “In marriage, woe to lose all freshness, falling into absolute and obvious greyness. With patience and love we must always introduce a thread of novelty, tenderness, surprise.” – Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi

5. “If God is not found in our love stories, then our stories fade, crumble and collapse. It is not essential that God be named. As it is not indispensable that his name be known to those who love each other: it is enough that these people have met in heaven, on this earth. If we no longer breathe in heaven, we suffocate in nothing.” – Christian Bobin

6. “Conjugal love, which persists through a thousand vicissitudes, seems to me the most beautiful of miracles, although it is also the most common.” – François Mauriac

7. “Always be humble, kind and patient; bear one another with love; try to preserve through the peace that unites you, that unity that comes from the Holy Spirit.” – Saint Paul, Letter to the Ephesians, 4: 2,3

8. “Love is patient, it is kind; love does not envy; love does not boast, it does not swell, it does not behave in an improper way, it does not seek its own interest, it does not become bitter, it does not charge evil, it does not enjoy injustice, but rejoices with the truth; suffers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, endures everything. Love will never fail.” – Saint Paul, First letter to the Corinthians

9. “As love grows within you, so does beauty grow. Because love is the beauty of the soul.” – St. Augustine

10. “The best gift? Forgiveness
What is indispensable? The family
The best route? The right way.
The most pleasant sensation? Inner peace
The best welcome? The smile
The best medicine? Optimism
The greatest satisfaction? The duty accomplished
The greatest strength? Faith
The most beautiful thing in the world? The love.”
– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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10 love phrases for wedding anniversary

If you want to be guided by pure and simple romance, here are 5 phrases to insert in the cards to wish a happy anniversary to a couple and 5 phrases to exchange greetings with your partner:

1. “Our wedding was many years ago. Its celebration continues today. Gene Perret”

2. “I can only say “Happy Anniversary” to you once a year, but I can kiss you every day. This is the best part of being married to you.”

3. “So that the joy of this day may not only be a“ yesterday ”to remember, but a“ today ”still and always to be lived. Best wishes!””

4. “I would miss you even if we hadn’t met. Happy anniversary my love.”

5. “An anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy anniversary from all of us!”

6. “Two roots intertwined and became one plant. Happy Anniversary!”

7. “If you are cold, it warms you; if you wander in the dark, it enlightens you; if you get lost, he finds you again. All this is my love for you, which today is bigger than yesterday, but smaller than tomorrow. Best wishes love.”

8. “Love does not consist in looking at one another, but in looking together in the same direction.” Happy anniversary

9. “Our daily life is the most beautiful routine that could happen to me. I love you like the first day. Happy Anniversary.”

10. “Chains don’t hold a marriage together. It’s the threads, hundreds of tiny threads, that people stitch together over the years. That’s what makes a marriage last.” – Simone Signoret

10 witty wedding anniversary phrases

Irony, sarcasm and a pinch of madness for these decidedly out of the ordinary wishes, perfect for a couple of friends:

1. ““If you wander in the dark, it enlightens you; if you get lost, he will find you. ” This love is practically a joke! Happy anniversary friends!”

2. “”Two roots intertwined and became one plant.” Too bad that neither of us has a green thumb … how will it end? Meanwhile, another year has passed: happy birthday guys!”

3. “You took the “to be continued” story at the end of your wedding video a little too seriously. Well done, you’re getting a taste for it. Happy Anniversary!”

4. “I wish you with all my heart that in your life everything happens as in the world of mathematics: the pains subtracted, the joys added, the love multiplied and divided by two!”

5. “As the years go by, your marriage is not getting boring, old and out of date. It is becoming wonderfully vintage. And vintage is in fashion. Happy Anniversary.”

6. “When I asked my parents how to be with a person for 50 years, my father told me “just don’t ask too many questions”, my mother “just find a man like dad”. On this anniversary I wish you this beautiful balance!”

7. “Sometimes you have to know how to choose who to complicate your life with… Happy anniversary guys!”

8. “Marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy.” – François de la Rochefoucault

9. “Woman is man’s ruin, but the fact remains that man without woman is ruined.” – Marilyn Monroe

10. “The book of life begins with the image of a man and a woman in a garden. It ends with the Apocalypse.” – Oscar Wilde

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