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The World Art Nouveau Day is the Art Nouveau dedicated event, which annually on June 10 is celebrated. The first World Art Nouveau Day 2013 was organized by the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts ( Budapest ) (IMM) in cooperation with the Szecessziós Magazin (a Hungarian magazine about Art Nouveau). The chosen date – June 10th – is the anniversary of the death of two architects of the movement, Antoni Gaudí and Ödön Lechner. Activities like those organized on World Art Nouveau Day aim to raise public awareness of Art Nouveau heritage.

The two largest organizations in Europe the Art Nouveau European Route in Barcelona and the Réseau Art Nouveau Network (RANN) in Brussels that coordinate the activities of World Art Nouveau Day. In 2019 the event was supported by the European Heritage Alliance.

June 10th: World Art Nouveau Day

Flowing lines, asymmetrical patterns and many influences from nature: that is Art Nouveau! The art style, also known as Art Nouveau, caused a sensation in the fin de siècle at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. In the new art style, designers and artists have taken nature and handicrafts more into account.

Since 2013

World Art Nouveau Day is on June 10th. The day was launched in 2013 by the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. Not without reason: Antoni Gaudí and Ödön Lechner, two well-known European Art Nouveau architects, died on June 10th.

Lots of enthusiasts

At the time Art Nouveau emerged, people were looking for an answer to increasing industrialization and increasing mass consumption. Back to nature and to the craft was one of the answers. These are developments that are now also playing a role in our lives: one of the reasons why the style continues to be extremely popular.

Art Nouveau in the Art Deco Webstore Art Nouveau

also plays a major role in the Art Deco Webstore. Whether it is furniture, decorations, lighting or fabrics: many characteristics of the art style can be found. Think of the exotic elements, flowers, portraits of women, and bodies and animals. During the World Art Nouveau Day, this page presents products that are exclusively made in Art Nouveau style. Celebrate the art style with us!

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