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Friends of the well-cared for baking trade. The 17 May is definitely your day. Because this date is celebrated in many countries as the so-called World Baking Day (World Day of baking). And since the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world definitely has a heart for baked goods of all kinds, the lines of the following event are dedicated to this occasion or Food Holiday. What is it about?

Who started World Baking Day?

Although I was unable to find a specific author in the course of researching this article, the existing social media profiles can be used to reconstruct that World Baking Day probably goes back to 2012 or 2013.

Unfortunately, these accounts seem to have not been maintained or updated since 2015 and the official website of the World Baking Day shines because of its inaccessibility (see the list of related links below). After all, the domain’s WhoIS profile shows that the site is registered with a London host in Great Britain and is probably still in operation.

It goes without saying that there were also baking fans at work. After all, today it’s about turning on the oven and baking something for yourself and / or your loved ones. If you are still looking for inspiration in this regard, I recommend a detailed look at the collection of curious cake holidays.

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World Baking Day images

Why does World Baking Day fall on May 17th?

Even if most of the common sources list the world baking day as a fixed date on today’s 17th May, there is also an occasional reference to a flexible date on the third Sunday in May (see also the list of related links below) . However, if the majority of the available information is to be believed, then over the years one has moved on to this fixed date. Somehow it’s easier to remember. 😉

Whether this decision but then the committed also today day of Walnut (National Walnut Day), the World Hypertension Day (World Hypertension Day) Or the day of Sammelwütigen have played a role (Pat Rack Day), also remains unclear. But a lot is conceivable.

In this sense: Whether with cake, cookies, bread or with simple baked rolls – a relaxed World Baking Day for you all. Good Appetite.:)

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