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The World Day of the Egg ( World Egg Day ) was established in 1996 at the conference IEC ( International Egg Commission Vienna) to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of feeding eggs. The day, set for the second Friday in October, falls this year on the 8th of the month. year after year, with a chain of initiatives that pass-through kitchens, social networks and traditional media.

“No geometry has derived the formula of the egg. For the circle, the sphere there is the lazybones, but for the perfect figure of life there is no squaring”. Thus, Erri De Luca traces, poetically, the definition of one of the key foods of our diet, not only in Italy but in the world. So important and at the same time unknown in its fundamentals, wrapped in numerous taboos and false myths, that it has around its mystical form a universe made up of international studies and organizations such as the International Egg Commission which are dedicated to the dissemination of correct food knowledge and a day dedicated to its disclosure. A party, if we wanted to define it with pop terms.

Professor Michela Barichella, director of the Science and Nutrition Unit of Gaetano Pini in Milan, an international expert in nutrition in neurodegenerative diseases, took stock with us to try to dispel some myths and put the emphasis on the most correct information.

How important is the egg still today in our food tradition?

“It has always been fundamental for a culture like the Italian one, naturally balanced at the table as regards the fundamental nutrients. The balance and natural properties of the egg make it essential for the supply of nutrients and also of taste. a simple food, which today is also revisited by many great chefs so that it is ever closer to modern taste, which requires more sophisticated flavors, which can surprise. In its essentiality, it lends itself to many preparations. We have proof of this fundamental assumption. every day, all day. Eggs are everywhere in our life, starting with the breakfast we make in the morning, even if it is sweet “.

Haute cuisine, professional preparations mirror the stoves of our homes. Does modernity arrive there too?
enhancing only its merits. Which are many “.

Non-stick pans and then what? How to cook our eggs while paying attention to health and taste together?
“The important thing, as far as possible, is to avoid frying. You can consume from 2 to 4 eggs a week, but to keep everything in balance, those recipes that lower the calorie level of the preparation are preferred since naturally, it is The hard-boiled egg, if well seasoned, is delicious and the egg soft-boiled or poached definitely follows this line.

The recipes are many and vary from house to house. By whipping the egg whites, we can use them as thickeners and flavorings in recipes that usually would not include them, with a great advantage in terms of both flavor and energy; for example, if we add them to the puree we will have not only a protein version but also an easy dish to take for those who, like the elderly, may find it difficult to swallow too complex foods”.

World Egg Day Wishes - Myths, Benefits and Nutrition value - wishesdb
World Egg Day Wishes – Myths, Benefits and Nutrition value

False myths plague every food, which are the ones that haunt the eggs?

“First of all that they are rich in cholesterol and that they are bad, but as we have already pointed out it is essential that they are cooked in the right way, well washed – to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the shell, which is porous – and that they are fresh. here on we can enjoy the benefits of this food. Not only is it high protein, so much so that it is also perfect in nutrition for athletes, but it has a treasure chest in the yolk. Let’s look at the color, so full: it is rich in vitamins of the group B and carotene. It is also rich in antioxidants – something we rarely talk about – and vitamin D, which is essential for our immune system. Even more so in a period like the one we are experiencing “.

“It is not true that small children cannot eat eggs. On the contrary. Their vitamin intake is also very important for them. It is enough to introduce them slowly into their daily diet and initially prefer recipes – especially when they are very young – that see only the protagonist as the protagonist. yolk, and add the egg white slowly, a little at a time “.

World Egg Day: Do you know why the egg is good for you?

  • It is naturally energetic
  • It has a high protein value
  • It is rich in vitamins
  • It has few calories

Recent research has shown that eating up to 12 eggs a week, that is almost two a day, does not increase weight and does not increase the risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, thanks to their precious content, they enhance brain performance and are quick to digest! 

Egg nutrition value

Calorific value589 kJ or 142 kcal-4%
fat10 g-9%
hereof: saturated fatty acids2.6 g(8th%)
carbohydrates<0.5 g(<1%)
of which sugars<0.5 g(<1%)
Protein12 g-14%
salt0.32 g-3%
Vitamin A270 mcg-19%
Vitamin D2 mcg-36%
Vitamin E.2 mg-10%
Vitamin K40 mcg-57%
Folic acid70 mcg-13%
iron2.1 mg-15%

National Egg Day 2021 – Egg Day in the US

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