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April 26 celebrating copyrights and intellectual property. At least when it comes to UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that this date in 2000 for World Intellectual Property Day – alternatively: World IP Day or WIP-Day have declared. Reason enough to include this occasion in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to shed some light on its history with the following lines. What is it about?

Who started the World Intellectual Property Day?

This day of action was initiated by UNESCO with the aim of drawing attention to the value and importance of creativity and intellectual property. Was proclaimed for the first time the World Intellectual Property Day then (Engl. In 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization ) . Here, too, the intention was to take future measures to better protect the intellectual property of creatives in the long term.

Why is International Intellectual Property Day falling on April 26th?

In contrast to many of the other curious holidays and action days gathered here, there is a very specific reason for choosing the date. Because this relates to the entry into force of the founding convention of the World Intellectual Property Organization on April 26, 1970.

Whether it beyond a connection to also celebrated today Embrace-an Australian Day (Engl. Hug on Australian Day), the Remember-you-first in-your-Kiss day (Engl. Remember Your First Kiss Day) or the day of the pretzel (English National Pretzel Day), I could not find out in the course of research.

Countless events and lectures on this important topic take place on April 26th every year. Among other things, the Technical University in Dresden is organizing a colloquium on the subject of trademark protection on the occasion of World Day. The Federal Association of German Industry eV in Berlin also invites its members to an information day on the subject of “Intellectual Property”.

Main topics: The yearly changing motto of the World IP Day
As with so many other days of action from the curious world days calendar, there is also an annually changing leitmotif for World IP Day. With this, the initiators want to bring the various interest groups and areas of intellectual property into the focus of public interest. The focus has been on the following topics since 2001:

  • 2001 Inventors and cultural workers: Creating the Future Today
  • 2002 Creativity: Encouraging Creativity
  • 2003 Economy: Making IP your Business
  • 2004 Development: the Importance of IP for Economic, Social and Cultural Development
  • 2005 Inspiration for young people: Think, imagine, create
  • 2006 Ideas: IP – It Starts with an Idea
  • 2007 Intellectual Property and Creativity: The Link Between IP and Creativity
  • 2008 Protection of intellectual property: Celebrating Innovation and Respecting IP
  • 2009 Environmentally friendly technology: Promoting Green Innovation as the key to a Secure Future
  • 2010 Networking: Innovation – Linking the World
  • 2011 Designer: Designing the Future
  • 2012 Inventor: Visionary Innovators
  • 2013 Creativity: Creativity – The Next Generation
  • 2014 Film: Movies – A Global Passion
  • 2015 Music: Get up, stand up. For music
  • 2016 Digital Creativity – Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined
  • 2017 Innovation: Innovation – Improving Lives
  • 2018 Women: Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity
  • 2019 Sport: Reach for Gold: IP and Sports
  • 2020 Inventor and Developer: Innovate for a Green Future

In this sense: Hopefully a relaxed World Intellectual Property Day to all of you.

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