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The 20th of June, the International Day of Productivity (World Productivity Day), is all about creativity. A great day, because nothing works without productivity.

Do you often get the feeling that you can’t do enough? Then you need this day of action! On International Productivity Day you can read books, listen to podcasts or use tools and apps to increase your productivity.
If you’ve easily ticked off your to-do lists before the end of the day, International Productivity Day is the day you can celebrate your productivity.

World Productivity Day wishes - International Day of Productivity - wishesdb
World Productivity Day wishes – International Day of Productivity

World Productivity Day – ways to increase Productivity

This idea that you have to produce more, consume more, eat more… do more, horrifies me! What do I do with 11 ways to increase my productivity ?! I want to do less and enjoy life!

Exact! Increasing personal productivity means just that:

  • doing less , getting better results;
  • work fewer hours, freeing up time for your dreams ;
  • be less stressed by learning to better manage your activities .

Well, what do you say? Are these 11 tips to boost your personal productivity worth checking out ?

Find the right motivation

Productivity and motivation are 2 closely related concepts: there is no productivity without motivation, and motivation increases when we are more productive. I have already told you about some practical actions to combat the lack of motivation. Here are 4 more techniques you should try to find motivation when there is some dirty work to be done :

  • Look for the “why”. To find the Motivation you must first look for the Motivation (for the) Action. Could you find 5 “why’s” for the job you need to do? No?! Are you really sure? What would happen if I didn’t complete these tasks? What would happen, on the contrary, if you completed them, doing extraordinary work? You will always find 5 whys to avoid trouble or to find satisfaction.
  • Watch out for that little voice. I admit that I know very little about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), but I know very well that little voice in my head that keeps repeating before starting a job: “I don’t want to”, “who makes me do it?”, “5 more minutes and then I start “etc. Becoming aware of the negative phrases that we keep repeating ourselves mentally and replacing them with phrases that give us motivation can be an important boost for our productivity.
  • Have fun. If you can tell me what’s funny about a 400 pg book. of private law, I swear that I subscribe to your RSS feed! Okay, I’ll try: if you just can’t find anything fun in the work (or study) you have to do, at least try to make the way you do it fun. Set small challenges, think of an extravagant way to do a routine activity. In short, put your imagination into it.
  • Change that wallpaper. The environment in which we work or study significantly affects our motivation and productivity. Sometimes, even a small gesture, like changing our desktop wallpaper or rearranging our folders, can allow us to work more effectively and be more productive.

Be the best prepared

An old adage says: “whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle”. If you want to increase your productivity, you need to learn how to prepare even before starting work.

  • Find your strengths. Is there anything you do particularly well? Something you are very knowledgeable about? For those things, you don’t even need to talk about productivity – get excellent results with minimal effort. To increase your productivity you need to leverage your strengths. Don’t keep doing a job the same way because you’ve been told to do it that way – find your way.
  • Plan. If you work reactively, you will never be able to be productive ( note the rhyme ). Planning your activities means preventing crises before they materialize. But don’t waste too much time planning and start doing ( I have a future as a poet ).
  • Free your mind. You are much more productive with a clear mind. Your brain is not a warehouse – it uses a to-do list to remember all your activities.

Work effectively

When it comes to getting your hands dirty, if you want to increase your productivity, you need to use the best techniques.

  1. Become a magician with your work tools. Whatever work you do (including study) you use tools: the computer, the software, the notebook, etc. To be more productive you need to know all the tricks of these tools: learn the key combinations of the programs you use most frequently, search on Google for the most famous “how-tos” for your activities, etc. In short, don’t try to do better what you already do, but look for the best for what you have to do.
  2. Remember Pareto. You have probably heard of the Pareto principle: 80% of the results are determined by 20% of the activities. Guess what? To maximize your productivity, you need to find exactly that 20% of your activity. Before throwing yourself headlong into a job, think about the activities that will guarantee you a greater return on the time invested.
  3. Remember Parkinson’s. Now the Parkinson’s Law is an evergreen Blog To make the most of this principle and become more productive, you must learn to set challenging deadlines for your activities and above all… respect them.
  4. Finally… think like a lazy person. Sometimes we make it difficult for ourselves. Ask yourself a simple question: How would a lazy person do this job? Always look for the simplest and most direct way to complete your tasks. You’ll always have time to add sophistication.
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