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May 27th is World Somersault Day. The curious day of action was introduced in 2009 by the Protestant theologian and pastor Jörg Wilkesmann-Brandtner, they say. In order to keep fit in the Corona crisis, the Hessian Gymnastics Association and the Hessian Gymnastics Youth have called for a somersault challenge.

There are some really exciting facts about the somersault. He uses the names Kalabums, Kopsterbölter, Kusselkopf, Pusselkopp and Kisselköpper, among others. Historically, the somersault appeared for the first time in 1571. The word creation arose from tumbling (falling) and tree (rearing up).

Basically, it’s a roll forward or backward over the head. Somersaults are somersaults in the air. For the clean technical execution, the falling forwards (or backwards) must be optimally coordinated with the rolling. Risks and side effects include dizziness and disorientation. Many thanks to the Ruhr University Bochum for this useful tip!

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World Somersault Day Images

The aforementioned side effects occur particularly frequently when amateur athletes do several somersaults one after the other. They can be contained by breathing evenly. Otherwise, the only thing that helps is to sit down, focus your gaze on one point and breathe in and out deeply. Tips for execution:

  1. Choose a soft, non-slip surface (thick insulation / gym mat).
  2. Support with your hands.
  3. Breathe out when falling and in the roll, this ensures a flowing movement.
  4. Use the momentum from the roll to get up.

It works better if you try to get your feet under your buttocks instead of swinging your arms. Would you like to try it?

How can I best celebrate World Somersault Day?

From a distance, I cannot say why the good Jörg Wilkesmann-Brandtner decided on May 27 of all things. But the fact is that he can write the invention of a strange holiday on the flag and that is something. 😉 How do you celebrate World Somersault Day appropriately?

Well, the most obvious variant is obvious: do somersaults as much as you can. If you are not really into gymnastics, you can alternatively take in the famous poem by Christian Morgenstern or enjoy the satirical report of the great Postillon, in which a fictional WWF report is reported about the impending extinction of the Somersault warns.

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