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Always on the Wednesday of the last full week of April, the calendar celebrating curious holidays from around the world pens, paper, staplers, hole punches, etc. After this date, we celebrate since 2013 as the International Day of stationery or World Stationery Day of 2021 on April 28 falls. What this is all about and why this day of action is now being celebrated worldwide is what this article tries to describe – ATTENTION punctuation. What is it about?

Who started World Stationery Day?

In contrast to many other curious world days, in the case of World Stationery Day there is very concrete information about its origins. Specifically, he goes back to an initiative from the UK, where office supply and stationery maker of London Stationery Show first called in 2012 National Day of stationery (Engl. National Stationery Day declared).

After the event was obviously such a resounding success, the organizers decided in 2013 to expand it as the annual National Stationery Week , during which World Stationery Day, which is celebrated today, appeared for the first time in 2014. The designated highlight of an entire week of stationery, so to speak.

When do we celebrate World Office Supply Day?

As already indicated at the beginning, World Stationery Day is a flexible date that always falls on the last Wednesday in April. This is of course also due to the fact that the British National Stationery Week falls in the last full week of April. The following is an overview of all known and upcoming dates of this global day of action in honor of stationery:

  • 2019: Wednesday, April 24th (* due to Easter, however, not until May 1st).
  • 2020: Wednesday April 22nd
  • 2021: Wednesday April 28th
  • 2022: Wednesday April 27th
  • 2023: Wednesday April 26th
  • 2024: Wednesday April 24th
  • 2025: Wednesday, April 23
  • 2026: Wednesday April 25th
  • 2027: Wednesday April 24th
  • 2028: Wednesday April 26th
  • 2029: Wednesday April 25th
  • 2030: Wednesday April 24th

Goals and intention: What is World Stationery Day about?

Even if the name is to be understood programmatically here, this day of action actually pursues a goal. Namely, the written word and everything you need to move into the public consciousness.

Well, at this point I will leave an open question as to whether you actually need everything that the stationery industry provides us with in the form of aids. Basically, I consider the written word to be an asset worth protecting. In this respect, this support also fits.

From a purely definition point of view, depending on the intended use, a distinction is made between organizational means (files, paper clips), writing materials (pencils, ballpoint pens, highlighters) and writing pads (stationery, copy paper). In this respect, of course, the content of this date also fits perfectly with thematically related curious holidays. As an example, reference is made to the following dates:

  • the day of the manuscript or National Handwriting Day on January 23,
  • the day of the pencil or National Pencil Day on March 30,
  • the day of the eraser or National Rubber Eraser Day on April 15,
  • the day the paper clip or National Paperclip Day on May 29,
  • the day of the ballpoint pen or National Ballpoint Pen Day on June 10th or
  • National # 2 Pencil Day or Day of the HB pencil on 17 August.

With this in mind: pen and paper out, get down to writing and a productive International Day of Stationery for you all. 🙂

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