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As World Tuna Day, May 2nd has been dedicated to protecting these predatory fish since 2017. At least when it comes to the United Nations, which launched this day of action to draw attention to the critical situation and the danger of overfishing of the world’s tuna stocks. Reason enough to pay tribute to this occasion with its own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell its story below. What is it about?

Who started World Tuna Day?

As already indicated in the introduction, the initiative for World Tuna Day goes back to a resolution of the UN General Assembly. With resolution 71/124 on December 7th, it passed that from 2017 onwards, May 2nd should stand for World Tuna Day (see also the list of related links below. Like most other articles from the calendar of the environmental Action days are also the background and origins of the World Tuna Day relatively well documented.

Why is World Tuna Day on May 2nd?

On the other hand, in the course of researching this article, I was unable to find out why the United Nations chose May 2nd as the date for World Tuna Day.

Since the annual calendar of the United Nations is now quite packed, it seems that the main focus here is on finding a free date. In this respect, it can be assumed that there is no direct substantive justification for May 2nd.

This missing link is then also valid beyond reasonable plausibility light to also committed today International combat and holiday of the unemployed and the US the day of chocolate truffle (Engl. National Truffle Day), the game Your Ukulele Day (Engl. National Play Your Ukulele Day) or Baby-Tag (National Baby Day).

Goals and Intention: What is World Tuna Day about?

As with so many other contributions to the calendar of maritime holidays that have a specific environmental protection reference, the United Nations have linked very specific goals to this day of action in the case of World Tuna Day. According to Resolution 71/124, World Tuna Day is about raising public awareness of the following aspects:

  • Tuna as the basis of food: According to the United Nations, a large number of countries now depend on tuna as an important component of food security and food security.
  • Overfishing threatens tuna. In the course of this development, 80 nations are currently actively fishing for tuna. Ascending trend. In recent years, environmental groups such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have repeatedly warned that many species of tuna (e.g. the southern bluefin tuna) are in acute danger. A population estimate from 2013 found that, due to overfishing, the populations of endangered species in the North Pacific, in particular, have declined by more than 96% and are now on the verge of complete extinction (see also the article on American walking fishing day (National Go Fishing day) on 18 June).
  • Promote sustainable tuna fishing. Because of the central importance of tuna as a food source and economic factor in the world tuna tag is an attempt to confirm the importance of a stable and healthy tuna population (see also the contribution to the US Day of sardines (Engl. National Sardines Day) on 24 November). In practice, this maritime day of action aims to disseminate information on the possible effects of drastically decreasing tuna stocks and to highlight the economic and social benefits of adopting more sustainable fishing methods.

With this in mind: Protect the oceans, eat less tuna and support World Tuna Day on May 2nd.

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