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Since 2012 celebrate whiskey fans always on the third Saturday in May the Scottish and international World Whiskey Day. In 2021 this day of honor for the water of life falls on May 15th. Reason enough to follow the history of this event in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell it with this article. So why should we raise our glasses today?

Blair Bowman and the invention of World Whiskey Day

In contrast to many other curious holidays, there is a lot of background information on World Whiskey Day about who started it and since when it has been celebrated.

As already indicated, World Whiskey Day was initiated in 2012 by the Scottish Blair Bowman, who grew up in Edinburgh and who initiated this whiskey day during his student days at the University of Aberdeen.

After Bowman had found a number of thematically related curious holidays to honor alcoholic beverages, he missed a corresponding whiskey day of honor. The following dates from the framework calendar of the curious holidays show that he is in an illustrious society of alcoholic holidays in the world:

  • the Bloody Mary Day (Bloody Mary Day) on January 1,
  • the day of absinthe (National Absinthe Day) on March 5th,
  • the St. Martin’s (National Martini Day) on June 19,
  • the day of the Piña Colada (National Piña Colada Day) on July 10th,
  • the day of Daiquiri (National Daiquiri Day) on July 19th,
  • the day of the Tequila (Tequila Day) on July 24, or
  • the Sangria day (National Sangria Day) on 20 December.

When do we celebrate World Whiskey Day?

Just why the initiator decided on the third Saturday in May as the date of all times, I could not find out in the course of the research. Be that as it may, I suspect that the weekend just seemed a lot more suitable for the occasion. The whiskey fans among you can make a note of the following dates:

  • 2019: Saturday May 18th
  • 2020: Saturday, May 16
  • 2021: Saturday 15th May
  • 2022: Saturday, May 21
  • 2023: Saturday, May 20th
  • 2024: Saturday May 18th
  • 2025: Saturday 17th May
  • 2026: Saturday 15. May
  • 2027: Saturday May 22nd
  • 2028: Saturday, May 20th
  • 2029: Saturday, May 19th
  • 2030: Saturday May 18th
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World Whiskey Day images

World Whiskey Day vs. International Whiskey Day

However, Bowman doesn’t seem to have looked closely because, strictly speaking, there was a similar whiskey holiday in 2008: International Whiskey Day, which was proclaimed in 2008 and since 2009 always on March 27 in honor of the birthday of the British author and whiskey expert Michael Jackson (1942 – 2007) – not to be confused with the pop star Michael Jackson – is celebrated. But this fact will of course not prevent the friends of the King drink from celebrating both days of special whiskey with a good glass.

What both holidays have in common, by the way, is that their initiators refer to the moderate consumption and sensible use of the high-proof spirit and put the respective date in the service of a good cause. While the International Whiskey Day supports various organizations in the fight against the insidious Parkinson’s disease – the honored Michael Jackson was ill with it in 2005/2006 – the World Whiskey Day supports the NGO Just a Drop, which focuses on the topic of water and water supply wrote flags (the contributions to the international day of Irish whiskey (International Irish Whiskey day) on March 3, and the day of the German whiskey on the last Saturday in June).

Definitely a good thing in both cases. 🙂

World Whiskey Day: Drink whiskey for a good cause

And similar to the aforementioned, the Water of Life is to be honored today. Well, whiskey is such a thing: While some cannot really do much with this Scottish export, others swear by this spirit, which is obtained by distillation from grain mash and matured in wooden barrels for at least three years. A real culture has developed around whiskey, which is primarily written as whiskey in the USA and Ireland, which celebrates consumption.

So it is not surprising that more than 30 countries (including Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, etc.) took part in the first World Whiskey Day in 2012 and over 150 events took place worldwide. Since then, the trend has been increasing. In the 2015 edition, 44 countries and 118 cities took part, in which 163 registered events took place worldwide.

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